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Strap button on a Kala Acoustic UBass


Disclaimer! Installing a strap button on a Kala
acoustic UBass is best left to a
professional luthier or guitar tech!

If you decide to do it yourself be very careful.
You must drill a guide hole first to ensure that the wood won’t chip or crack.
If you have any doubts DO NOT try it, leave it to a professional!

I find that the position chosen in the pictures below works well for my needs.
There are other options too but
this is just right for me!




I won one of the popular vote prizes in the Bootsy competition :-)


I didn’t get the Grand Prize BUT I did won one of two popular prize spots in the Bootsy Funk bass in your space competition 🙂
Best of all the first portion of my song features my fretless acoustic UBass, cool huh 🙂

DR strings, a Bootzilla music download and a one year pro membership at the cool place was the prize. Nice!

Congrats to the other winners!

Read more here and here.


New gig with my UBass!


Yesterday I had a gig with my Kala UBass (and a few other basses…) at the Blå Måndag (Blue Monday) concert series hosted by Länsteatern (the County Theatre Company). The concept is: Meet the musicians and rehearse for a couple of hours (From 1pm-5 pm) Then make some music at the 8 o’clock! This time I played with great musician!
Christer Christensson (host for the concert), keyboards
Clas Olofsson, guitar and pedal steel
Micke Dahlén, drums
Niclas Ekholm, percussion, vocals, harmonica and guitar
Eva Stenström, lead vocals

Big thanks to all musicians and the wonderful audience!

Stay tuned for a new ”Jammin’ with my Kala UBass” video from yesterday’s performance…