Q&A: Playing Fretless UBass? Here’s some tips for you!


I got a question about my view on playing in (or out of) tune on the fretless UBass. I decided to share my answer with all of you.

Q: Do you find that you’re fingering in between frets rather than directly on the fretline like you would with a regular fretless bass?

A: Sorry but there is not a simple answer to that question I’m afraid 😦 Since the scale length of the UBass is merly 20-21 inches all your muscle memory from playing a 34-35 inch fretless is not much of a help. BUT what really IS helpfull is if you have played
fretless bass of upright. Because then you’re probably used to listen as you play. That’s really the best way of playing in tune.
I find that I’m only ‘roughly’ use the fret lines as guidelines and than try to use my ear in ‘super-sensitive-mode’!
One more thing that is crucial to playing in tune is trying to get the best sound possible out of your UBass. You really have to HEAR what you’re playing. AND MOST IMPORTANT you have to hear what you’re fellow musicians are doing to be able to make it all work as a ‘unit’!
Ok. That might not be the answer you hoped for but it’s almost all about LISTENING!

I will try to do some specific lessons on playing the fretless UBass!

Good luck with your playing!




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