New Single Out Today!

First release by Nilsson – Sjöquist Duo!
In this first release, by the Swedish based Nilsson – Sjöquist Duo, we want to show our love for the music of Brazil and this time we feature a Sivuca song!

We play an arrangement by Tommy Nilsson of the song ”Cada Um Torce Como Pode” made famous by Sivuca.

Both Tommy Nilsson and Magnus Sjöqust have been playing in different groups and projects for many years.

The duo format is nice because it gives us a lot of space to express ourselves through our instruments, the accordion and the bass.

Side note: In the recording I used my trusty fretless Kala spruce acoustic/electric ubass. However in the accompanying video you’ll see my new fretless Kala California acoustic-electric ubass!

Quick links to some of the places you can find the song:





Tommy is also featured in the latest single release ”Jag vet att vi ses snart igen (Manha de Carnaval)” Link to info about that release!

Playubass in Brazil 2015!

Playing a gig at the pub, Stadt Bier in Brasilia, Brazil

In the end of May 2015 I did my first ever trip to Brazil! I have been listening to Brazilian music since the early 90’s and have played Brazilian music for quite some time too. See previous posts with a Brazilian content: Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3 | Post 4 | Post 5 | Post 6 | Post 7 |

Finally being able to travel to Brazil was a very big thing for me!

The main reason for this trip was to visit schools and find out ways to set up some kind of exchange program between the school where I work in Sweden and schools in the capital city of Brazil, Brasilia.

I had a really busy travel plan with several visits booked for almost everyday of the eight-day trip. These visits were to different schools with arts and music focus. I’ll try to write more about this later. We’ll see what happens with these ”might-be” exchanges. It’s interesting to see how it unfolds and evolves.

Besides these visits I also got to play some Music! With me on this trip was my colleague, Eva Stenström. We had prepared some songs we could perform on only bass and vocals. To make the travel easy I brought my spruce Kala Ubass and the new Phil Jones Bass ”Double Four” amp I just bought just before the trip. Traveling with this setup was very nice and I was able to get both the UBass and the amp into the cabin of each flight we did.

I will write more about the Phil Jones Double Four in a future blog post. Until then you can check it out on the company’s webpage.

Kala Ubass and Phil Jones Bass Double Four at Café C’est La Vie

Me and Eva did a few workshops involving playing, different vocal techniques and I also did a short live looping workshop featuring the TC Electronic Ditto looper. If someone is interested in knowing more about live looping with the ubass (and other instruments) please let me know and I could make a series of posts on the subject! Send an email to [Older post featuring Ubass and the ditto looper!]

We met a lot of really great musicians and teachers and students at all three schools we visited. A very big thanks for taking such good care of us. Extra big thanks to: Lucas at Escola de Musica, Henrique at Escola de Choro, Antenor and Alexei at University of Brasilia, William and Barbara for giving us a great tour of Brasilia!

Workshop and concert at Escola de Musica, Brasilia

Besides playing as a duo we also got joined bit different Brazilian musicians and also got the change to sit in on a concert and also do a ”club” gig with two great Brazilian musicians that will come to Sweden this fall. I hope we will be able make some more music together. Stay tuned!

There isn’t that many recorded videos from this trip but I will let you hear some music bits and pieces. See this video! There is also a gallery of photos from our workshops, concerts and some scenic ones too!

It was a great trip with lots of interesting meets with universal language of music as a great common ground! Thanks to everyone that made our first trip so fantastic!

Some links you check out!
Lucas de Campos, guitarist and professor at Escola de Musica
One of his projects (Text in Portuguese)

Choro pra Cinco (A great Choro group!) Link to YouTube-video

Info about the great bass player Oswaldo Amorim (and also about the late great Nico Assumpção)

Great Facebook page about Brazilian bass: Baixobrasil

Lucas Fernandes, bass player, there is also a Ubass track on his Soundcloud!

Henrique Alvim, guitar player. Check out his band A Engrenagem

Paula Zimbres – a great bass player I met and heard in Brasilia

Paula played with Sergio Boré at Clube do Choro!
See video below!

The schools and some places we visited
Escola de Musica
Escola de Choro
Universidade de Brasilia
Clube do Choro

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Play Music,

Jammin’ with my Kala Ubass | 48 ”Regnen i mars” (Àguas de Marcos)

Me, Eva Stenström (vocals) and Daniel Björnmo (guitar)



It’s once again time for a jammin’ video. This time a short but fun one!

I have written about the Live at heart festival before and this past September was the fifth one. The festival is inspired by the famous South by southwest festival in Austin, TX (US). The first festival was held in 1987! (Read more here.)

In this years Live at heart 5.0 festival i played with two bands. I wrote about M&M’s Honky Tonk earlier and now it’s time for Eva Stenström LTD. Read more here. I’m working on a album project with Eva Stenström and will release this hopefully during 2015.

The song featured in this video is written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and performed here with the brand new Swedish lyrics by Eva!

We all played through a Bose L1 PA system and I really think the Ubass sounds really good in their systems. First time I wrote about Bose was back in 2011.

Hope you like the short and lively street video of ”Regnen i mars” (The March Rains)!

All the best, Magnus

[Studio Report] Duo Recording with Nelson Faria


Magnus and Nelson in the studio


This Tuesday [April 24] morning I recorded with the great Nelson Faria. Read about him here and at []

I will post some ”audio/video-snippets” from the recording but we’ll start with a couple of pics 🙂

Please note that I recorded the UBass both direct (from my Headway EDB-1, see this post) and with two different microphones. I’m writing a seperate blog post on the use of microphones to record the acoustic tone of the UBass. Stay tuned for more on this topic!

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Playing Brazilian music on the UBass!

One of the songs we play, "Surfboard", composed by Tom Jobim


I have a big interest in Brazilian music. Its rhythms and beautiful melodies makes me feel good and I really like both listening to and playing the different styles from Brazil. In the previous post you can read about a CD that will be released in March featuring great Brazilian music. This CD will be a good place to hear great music played on cello and guitar. I had the privilege engineering, editing and mixing this!. Check it out!

I have been playing (and singing, in english and occational ‘fake’ portuguese) Brazilian music for quite some time. If you have followed this blog you probably remember that I have blogged about this before. See these previous posts: Black Orpheus and Dindi.

When the opportunity to attend a special course in Brazilian Popular Music at the University of Orebro (where I also teach sound engineering) I immediately enrolled! I want to know more about the music and its history. My goal is to get an over all better understanding, and hopefully a better feel, for how to play the music in a traditional way. Then I’ll try to make it, little by little, ‘my own’. Playing Brazilian inspired music is truly something I can’t be without!

The University of Örebro has a partnership with the UniRio University in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to that we are able to meet different guest professors from Rio during this course! They talk about the history, and show/teach us songs from different eras and styles! It’s really great! Towards the end of the course there will be a drummer and bass player teaching styles originated in the Nort East of Brazil. I’m really looking forward to that!

Tomorrow it’s time for a new lecture/ensemble playing experience in the Popular Brazilian Music course! I can hardly wait!

The course will end in mid March with a concert at the Orebro Jazz Club. We will play song in the different ensembles and with the guest proffesors and musicians. Great fun!

Brazilian Chamber Music: Great new music by Tavares-Faria Duo…and even some UBass in the background…


Hi again!

This time I’d like to tell you about a great CD that will be released in March. There is no UBass on it but if you like good music played by good musicians you’re in for a treat!
When I’m not playing UBass (or any other bass or drums or…) I work part time at the Örebro University teaching sound engineering. I got the opportunity to record this wonderful music with the roots in some of the styles of Brazilian music, like choro, samba and bossa nova.
The musicians are both from Brazil and have played professionally for many years around the world. Please check out their web sites to find out more.

Gustavo Tavares, cello
Nelson Faria, guitar

Tavares-Faria Duo will release this CD soon and I will let you know where you can buy it as soon as its released!

Now the UBass link! When the recording sessions where all done I managed to record one song with them. I love Brazilian music and it was an honor to be able to sing the Jobim classic ‘Dindi’ with them. Nelson even wrote a cello part on the spot so Gustavo could join in on his cello!
When I got home I added a UBass part before I mixed the song and did the video below!

Here’s the ‘making of…’ video I did for the release of the Tavares-Faria Duo CD called ”Na Esquina De Mestre Mignone’.