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On this page you can find different reviews and test that I have done here on

String test: Pyramid Black Nylon Tape

String test: Road Toad Music Pahoehoe (black) and Aquila Thundergut (white-ish) | Part 2

String test: Aquila Thunder Reds

Ubass cases and gig bags

Review of the Gruvgear Gigblade for Ukulele

Review of the Phil Jones Double Four Combo Amp

String test Pahoehoe, Kala Round Wound and Kala/Galli Flat Wounds (July 2019)


6 reaktioner till “Reviews and tests

  1. Magnus:
    I watched your video on changing the preamp on your California and have a question
    I want to ask you about putting the LR Baggs preamp into the smaller China made U-Bass. Can it be done?

    1. Hi John,
      I’m afraid that the cavity is too small to fit the LR Baggs preamp. I haven’t tried myself but think it’s not possible to fit it without doing some woodwork…
      The SUB features a preamp with a flat clock battery that makes the preamp pretty small. The LR Baggs pre uses a 9 volt battery and this makes the pre a lot bigger. I remember that it was a quite tight fit even in my solid body.
      Would be great if it could fit the SUB too.
      Sorry about this!
      I believe the SUB pre has more low end then the LR Baggs pre. The LR Baggs however has some more midrange options…
      What strings do you use? Pahoehoe, Aquila or Roundwound?

      All the best,

  2. Which string would you recommend to sound close to an upright bass for bluegrass, rockabilly, and blues?

    1. Hi Zac, I really like the original Pahoehoe (Black polyurethane) or the Aquila Thunder red. The Pahoehoe strings has a little bit more low end but the reds have some more definition. A new option is also the Kala Flats. I will soon share more videos with those strings and also compare them to “rubber” strings!


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