New video! Eva Stenström Limited ”Allt under himmelens fäste”

Eva Stenström | Magnus Sjöquist | Daniel Björnmo

This song is a traditional folk tune from Gotland, Sweden. Eva and I started playing it as a duo on our trip to Brazil back in 2015. We wanted to bring some examples of traditional Swedish folk music on our trip. To make it work in a ubass and vocals setting I played the bass part through a delay pedal. I thought the extra rhythmic motion we got using this technique really helped us capture and deliver the haunting melody in a great way. I use a combination of arpeggios, chords and regular bass lines in my bass part.

In the trio version Daniel Björnmo adds an extra layer of color with his world class guitar playing. The added grit with close cluster like harmony through distortion pedals makes the song even more ethereal and haunting, I think. The ubass have some added modulation and octave up effects blended together with the delay.

This is a live in studio recording but we also added some percussion parts. I played some suspended cymbal swells.

You can also hear what we call ”the submersed gong”. This is a gong gong that we recorded as it is put under water after it is played. This bends the sound in a very nice way. I first heard this on records and live with one of my musician heroes, Indian percussionist, Trilok Gurtu.

We really hope you will enjoy our version of this Swedish’s folk song!

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For the best listening experience please listen to this song with good headphones or speakers that can reproduce a wide frequency spectrum!




Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 14 ”When You Wish Upon A Star”


This time my UBass has to wait until mid song to appear (and be heard)!
This is our version of a great arrangement of the Disney classic ”When you wish upon a star” (from the movie Pinocchio) that Swedish jazz guitarist Ulf Wakenius and Swedish trombonist Nils Landgren did on the CD ”Christmas with my friends”.

Daniel Björnmo, guitar
Jan-Kenneth Rönning, piano
Magnus Sjöquist, vocals and fretless Kala UBass

UBass signal chain and tech stuff
UBass (> Electro-Harmonix Wah/Volume pedal > Headway EDB-1 > MarkBass Little Mark II > Aguilar SL-112)
The song is recorded with a stereo pair of small diaphragm microphones with omni capsules in A/B stereo configuration with the vocal mic added to the mix.

Stay tuned for a future blog post with an in depth test using the Headway EDB-1 with the UBass (and other piezo equipped basses). I will also compare similarites and differeces to my trusty old Fishman Model B preamp!

Read more about amplifying your UBass here!

Daniel Björnmo, Magnus Sjöquist and Jan-Kenneth Rönning