Jammin with my Kala Ubass | 45 M&M’s Honky Tonk goes Jim Campilongo

M&M's LAH14 JimC
From Live at Heart 2014


M&M’s Honky Tonk plays Jim Campilongo
If you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my YouTube-Chanel you might already seen the latest Jammin’ video. This time M&M’s Honky Tonk, the duo I have together with guitar wiz Marcus Måttgård aka MarQTwang, plays a great tune by Jim Campilongo called ”Awful, Pretty Awful”. It’s from a gig we did at the biggest music festival in Sweden, Live at heart. (The biggest in terms of the many bands (200+) and venues (about 20). Please check out Marcus facebook page!

Marcus has been a fan of Jim’s music for quite some time. I have also started listening and fallen in love with Campilongo’s quirky tunes and fantastic soulful playing.
Jim plays a regular gig at in NYC every Monday at Rockwood Music Hall. So if you live in NYC or have plans going there please check out one of Mr. Campilongo’s gigs!
Hope you like our version!

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M&M's LAH14 Rockabilly UBass Slap Part 2b
The ”Rockabilly UBass Slap” Updated technique! Pic 1
M&M's LAH14 Rockabilly UBass Slap part 2a
The ”Rockabilly UBass Slap” Updated technique! Pic 2

Fretwraps update!
A while back I did a video featuring the great FretWraps by Gruvgear.
On the same gig mentioned above we played one of the songs featured in that video. I have tried to develop the technique I call ”The rockabilly Ubass Slap” further and tried it live for the first time on the Live at heart gig. Stay tuned for a video of that… 🙂

NEWS! The Fretwraps are soon available in HD!

Next up:
New string test!


Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 32 The birth of The Guitar Men

Simon, Marcus and me
Simon, Marcus and me


This past weekend a new group was born, The Guitar Men.

I have written about Marcus Måttgård and my playing in the past. Please check out these earlier posts:
Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3. But Simon Stålspets is (I guess) a new name for the readers of this blog.

Simon and I went to the University of Orebro back in 1993 (!) After one year Simon moved back to Stockholm and finished his music studies there. (Majors in electric guitar and composition). Thanks to Facebook we started talking about the possibilities of playing together. 20 years later, since we first met, it’s finally a reality! You can read more about him here and here.

Marcus and I spent past weekend at his house playing music and having a super great time. The result is a new band The Guitar Men. If you have read about Marcus and my duo project you might guess where the title came from… Our duo, M&M’s Honky S*** are heavily influenced by 60’s country and in particular the music of Jerry Reed. One of his most famous songs is called The Guitar Man…

The Guitar Men will start rehearsing soon and have plans for upcoming gigs later in 2013!

Here is our first video recorded last weekend. It’s one of Marcus Måttgårds originals called MarQ’s Breakdown. Enjoy!