Throwback: Jammin’ with Frank Vignola

Me and Frank Vignola after the concert at the jazz club in Hallsberg , Sweden. It was almost 8 years to the day from when I got to jam with him for the first time.

Back in 2011 i attended a workshop with master jazz guitarist Frank Vignola.

A couple of days after the workshop he was going to play a show not to far from where I live. At the workshop he invited the participants to come to the concert and offered the possibility to jam with him, Vinny Raniolo and Eric Bogart.

I talked to a friend and we decided to drive to the concert. I brought my original fretless Kala spruce ubass and a cord…

In the intermission I approached Frank and told him that I’d like to take him up on the offer to jam. We decided on Fly me to the moon and a blues

Set two starten and I was called up on stage after the second song…

I brought my ubass plugged into the PA and of we went. We had not played a single note prior to this and there was somewhere around 150-200 in the audience probably wondering who that guy was taking the stage.

Fly me to the moon flew bye and Frank started to play the head for C-jam blues and after a somewhat shaky start (on my part) we found a nice groove.

I still love the part where I manage to steer us into half-time mode and the audience starts to clap along. Frank plays a smoking solo, I play a solo and we go into trade mode and finally manage to sync the ending pretty nicely!

This was a great experience and has also been great for my “ubass exposure” on YouTube with around 135.000 views to this day.

Last Saturday Frank played at a nearby jazz club and I went there with a friend. It was a fantastic concert. Frank played with top notch Swedish jazz musicians, Eric Söderlind, guitar, Hans Backenroth, upright bass and Joakim Ekberg, drums.

No jam for me this time but I managed to talk to Mr Vignola for a bit, telling him how fun it was when we jammed and that the video of that firat jam back in 2011 has been great for me. It’s nice to be able to give thanks for these things in person.

The sax and trumpet players from the support band was invited to jam. It’s so nice that Frank still pays-it-forward at his concerts!

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PS: I have jammed with Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo once more. That time we played the Police song Walking on the moon. I played my Rob Allen Guitars MB-2 that time. Check it out here!

Jammin’ with my Kala Ubass | 34 @Musikmesse 2013 with Or Lubianiker



A little jammin’ vid from Musikmesse 2013. I met Or Lubianiker and we had a quick jam at the DR Stings booth. Playing at a music fair is really special…most of all because of the super noisy environment 🙂 It was really hard to filter out all other music (read: noise) and hone in on my musical partner but I think one or two measures were ok anyway 🙂

Check out more of Or on his YouTube-channel and where he demos a lot of different basses!

I hope we’ll make more music together soon!

Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 10

More jammin’!

I really love playing funk inspired music so here’s some more for ya (with some jazz thrown in) 🙂
Featured this time is my old friend Daniel Björnmo. (He has been in a couple of my previous Jammin’ clips – no. 5 and 6) and a Hammond B3 ”wizard”, Johan Edin. We did this jam after a recording session. Johan did some B3 overdubs on a upcoming CD of ”swinging” music for kids. (This band is featured in video no. 3)

We used the same drum groove as in video no. 9 and decided to do a couple of takes. You can read more about this groove here.
Jam 1 is based on this chord progression: Gmin > Bbmin > Dbmin > Emin
Jam 2 is only G minor
Jam 3 G minor blues.

As a bonus we also jammed over a jazzy drum improv by Morgan Agren from the Jazz expansion to EZDrummer/Superior Drummer. This jam is based on a jazz blues in B flat minor.

Big thanks to Johan and Daniel for your wonderful playing! Hopefully this is just the first of many more jams…Making music with these guys is truly a blessing :-))

I will probably transcribe some of the bass parts and post them here! Please let me know if you’re interested!

Stay tuned for more jams and lessons soon!

Johan Edin – Hammond B3

Daniel Björnmo – guitar

Magnus Sjöquist – Kala UBass

Play ubass!