UBass Lesson | 7 ”Satellit” (Part 2)

Recording UBass Lesson 7!


Time for part 2!

Now it’s time to learn/play the bass part.

Tune up your Ubass (or any bass really!) to 440 Hz and get ready!

The video will go through the whole song and then break down the different parts and riffs!

Please check out part 1 to get some in-depth analysis about the music theory behind the different riffs and parts of the song

There are three parts in this – plus 12 minute – video lesson:

1. The whole song in original tempo (108 bpm) with three video angles!

2. The same as 1. but with the sheet music in the top of the video. (If you want to download the sheet music see info below!)

3. The different parts of the song (Intro/solo/outro, verse and chorus) but in half tempo (54 bpm).

Slurs and slides

As you can hear and hopefully see I use some ‘ornaments’ to ‘spice up’ the bass part. If you want me to make it more clear on how to play these drop me an email to: ubasslessons@gmail.com

4/4 or 12/8?

As a compliment to part 1 of this lesson here is a short video on the differences and similarities of 4/4 and 12/8 notation using Riff 1 (intro/solo/outro) from Satellit as example!

Download PDF?

Please send email to ubasslesson@gmail.com for a link to a downloadable PDF!

Good luck!


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