[Studio Report] – Record the UBass using mics! – Part 2

Miking the UBass! (Headway EDB-1 preamp, Røde NT1-A, Oktava MK-012, Golden Age R1 and AKG C414)

Time for part 2!

Ok. Let’s listen to, and talk about, four of the five microphones I talked about in the previous post.
I will let you make up your own minds what microphone you like the best. But I have my favourite 🙂

What microphone you prefer can depend on quite a few different things.
Here are a few:

• Different playing styles (more of less muting, ‘index-middle’ or thumb playing…)
• Genre of music
• Solo UBass, duo settings or in a dense mix?

In this ‘lab-video’ I wanted to capture the beautiful tone you can get when you play a high register melody on the fretless version. But I think it also makes regular bass parts sound a bit more organic! This is of cause something you have to experiment a lot with and it will probably work with whatever mic you have. If you don’t have one then you could consider these mics a starting point in your search for one. In my test I recorded in my quite small and not so ‘lively’ sounding studio. I will try to record in bigger rooms and maybe in a church which of cause has a totally different sound and acoustics to compare. But that’s another ‘lab’…

Please let me know what you think! Write your thoughts in the comments below or send a email to ubasslessons@gmail.com

If you want I can upload more sound files to let you hear the different combinations with the added ‘lined-through-my preamp’ sound!



3 reaktioner till “[Studio Report] – Record the UBass using mics! – Part 2

  1. @BachTeen1 Sorry you didn’t get much out of the test 😦 My goal was to do this test in a musical context that’s why I choose to play to a backing track. Putting the mic closer is of course an option but I thought this was close enough for my purpose. Did you listen using ‘good’ full range speakers or headphones? Not using the piezo was deliberate since I wanted to see/hear how the Ubass sounded without it. When I record the acoustic Ubass for a project I almost always use the piezo through a good preamp (RMI Basswitch) together with a miked cab or a large condenser mic. Then I will blend these signals/tracks in the mix or sometimes only use the piezo.
    Anyway thanks for the heads-up. I might do a new mic test in the future and will keep your comments in mind 🙂


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