[Rehearsal Report] Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | Blues: ”Long time no PLAY”

Mattias Pettersson, Magnus, Hannes Nordgren


Yeah! Finally I have once again played with my old friend Mattias Pettersson! We started to play back in the late 90s.
We had blues bands and played in the rhythm section in a small big band. Later on we had a band playing a lot of jam based music.
I guess it must have been at least 5-6 years since we last played together. Too long!
My brother-in-law (also featured in the last Jammin’ video) joined in on drums.

On this first rehearsal/jam we tried an old tune I started writing in the late 90s. I found it a couple of weeks ago. It’s basically a blues based around a bass riff. I ad libed a scratch vocal part based on the working title of the song, ”You took my blues away”.

We sure had a great time and will hopefully play more this summer. This song and maybe one more will probably end up on my recording project ”Speaking UBass!?” Read more about the project here.

I played on the Kala S.U.B. throughout the rehearsal/jam. I’m starting to get a bit more used to the fretted neck but I’m still more comfortable playing my fretless spruce UBass. A little more practice and I hope it will feel more relaxed with the SUB too!

We did record some audio and video. I might post some of it later!

Please check out some of Mattias playing on this YouTube channel!

Thanks for a nice jam/rehearsal guys!

Mattias Pettersson, guitar
Hannes Nordgren, drums
Magnus Sjöquist, Kala S.U.B UBass


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