Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | ”Organ Jazz in Trollhattan”


I’m exited to announce some new jammin’ buddies! Recently I was back in my hometown to visit my parents and thanks to Facebook and a bit of luck I got to jam with two great musicians! I have known Mats [drums] for a long time. He was my first sound engineer teacher back in the late ’80s. Sven [organ] is a new friend that I met for the first time on the jam! I was lucky because everything was setup for recording direct to 2-track in the rehearsal room so I got our jams on ‘tape’ too! (And some of it on video…stay tuned for some ‘videosnippet’ soon…) We decided to play some more and I hope it won’t take long ‘til it’s time for some jammin’ again!

Sven has made a great ‘shell’ for his Key B Duo organ! It’s based on the exact measurements of his original Hammond B3 (that he has in his living room!). Check out these pics. It looks absolutely lovely!

You can have a listen to some of the music that came out that night right here:

Mats and Sven have played together for many years and have a project called Hammond Voyage Concept. Check out the links below!

Myspace  Facebook

If you like Hammond organ music please check out my 10th Jammin’ video too!

Sven Ericson, organ
Mats Berggren, drums
Magnus Sjoquist, kala ubass


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