The ten most essential bass albums according to Victor Wooten!

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A while ago (it was my first post this year) I blogged about ‘a couple’ of essential albums to check out with great bass playing. If you haven’t already please check it these albums out!

Just now I discovered yet another list! My friend Bruce shared this on his Facebook wall and I thought I should re-share it here for you to check out! (Some of the albums on this list is also on the first list. How many are on both lists? Well, it’s for you to find out if you want!)

The list is put together by Victor Wooten that I’ve also had the good fortune to meet and study with. Read more about that here.

I’m also including a Spotify playlist (as I did with the previous post) see the top of this post! Of cause I do encourage you to pick these albums up on CD or maybe even vinyl if you can find them!

Here’s a link to the article/list on

Happy music exploring!


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