Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 36 ”Take the A-train” (looped)

From the recording session of Take the A-train (looped)
From the recording session of Take the A-train (looped)


Time to feature some new stuff in this jammin’ video!

I’m exploring my TC Electronic Ditto Looper and FretWraps from Gruv Gear. When I have looped stuff earlier I have always used a laptop with Ableton Live and a MIDI foot controller. Although this gives me a myriad of possibilities it is also ‘quite’ tech heavy with a lot of stuff to learn BEFORE you can start making some Music. Hm…I wanted to make quick loops with a minimal setup time.

I learned about the Ditto Looper by TC Electronic and really dug the small ”footprint” and ultra ”simple” control layout – one knob, one footswitch! This is of course something that WILL give limitations BUT these can really sparkle creativity I think. I will write more about my experience of the Ditto Looper later! (As you can see in the video I made it with a camera covering the pedal [and the Basswitch IQ DI used as a preamp] and ”pop-up-text” that gives a hint to how I use the pedal – more in a later post…)

I’m also using (for the first time in a youtube video) a special string mute called FretWraps from Gruv Gear. This company also makes great utility gear as gear carts, Multi-Use bags and Bass/guitar accessories like guitar straps. Please check them out! The FretWrap is great for muting unused open strings and take out unwanted noise. More about these later too!

The video. I decided to do a New Orleans/Calypso-inspired version of the classic jazz tune ”Take the A-train” using loops made only by my acoustic ubass. Then I sing and solo on top of these loops. It takes some practice to learn the looper pedal – a bit like learning a new instrument! Setting the first loop, making it loop smoothly is a must and make the different combinations of footswitch pushes be second nature is important. Ok let’s loop! More about how I use the Ditto Looper later!

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