Speaking Ubass!? – ubass focused music releases by Magnus Sjoquist… and other songs I play Ubass on

UPDATE 03.27.20

Eva Riise

Two songs on the new release by Eva Riise features Ubass playing by me.

”Allt under himmelens hjärta” (A new arrangement of a Swedish folk tune)

The arrangement is built around the acoustic/electric Ubass part with delay, octave and reverb.

”Mitt tangohjärta” (Written by Eva Riise)

This is a tango where I play my vintage spruce fretless acoustic/electric Ubass, but here with a more traditional warm acoustic tone.

UPDATE: 02.11.19

The video for ”Jag vet att vi ses snart igen” (Manha de Carnaval)

Music releases

You can find the music released so far at basmagnus.bandcamp.com and buy some of the songs at cdbaby.com

Jag vet att vi ses snart igen/Manha de Carnaval (L. Bonfa)

Cada Um Torce Como Pode (Sivuca)

Mr Z (The Ubass Ambassadors)

Tranquility (Magnus Sjöquist)

Reflections (Magnus Sjöquist)

You can also find my music on most streaming services. Just search away!

More releases are on the way!

– – –

I’m exited to announce my CD project: ”Speaking UBass!?”

Since a while back I’m working on a recording project that hopefully will end up being a CD! In this blog post I made it public. On this page I will let you know how my project progresses and maybe even let you listen to some ”snippets” of the recordings!

As you can read in my ‘PM‘ I decided to make my first CD featuring the UBass playing music in different settings. I’m doing this for two reasons.

1. I want to show just how much of a ‘chameleon’ the UBass can be – how it can ‘blend’ in diverse settings!

2. I really enjoy playing a lot of styles and wanted to showcase this AND also feature some of my friends.

There will be quite a few different guitar players in playing different genres but also piano players, drummers and a few other collaborations that will be fun to do…and some of them might be a bit unexpected…

Phase 1 (Spring 2012)
As to date I have recorded two different ”ensembles”. Two different trios; piano, drums and ubass and a guitar, ubass/vocals duo. I’m in the middle of rehearsing another duo/trio with guitar, drums, ubass and I’m also making plans to record with two more guitar/ubass duos!

Stay tuned for more info soon here on this page!

Update! 10.29.12
Phase 2 (Autumn 2012)
I have a couple of sessions lined up! I will record some country/bluegrass music with a guitarist (and hopefully drummer on one of two songs). There is also some more jazz based music featuring another guitarist in the works! More sessions are on the way too! Check out my blog or Facebook page for how the project progresses!

Update 3.28.13
Phase 3 (Spring 2013)
Well time flies! My CD is still in the recording stage. I hope to have more info here soon. But the CD project is very much alive 🙂

Update 3.23.14
Phase 4 (Spring 2014)
Another year have gone by and the album is not yet finished…
But hang in there I still hope for it to be released! 🙂

Update 9.3.14
Phase 5 (Autumn 2014)
One more song featuring a ubass+vocal intro is recorded! This is a classic evergreen, can’t wait to share it with you!

Update 12.24.14
Phase 6 (Winter 2014)
First song released! Check out my bandcamp page!

Update 11.01.15
Phase 7 (Winter 2015)
Second song released! Check out my bandcamp page!

Update 1.2.16
Phase 8 (January 2016)
Third song released! Check out my bandcamp page!

7 reaktioner till “Speaking Ubass!? – ubass focused music releases by Magnus Sjoquist… and other songs I play Ubass on

    1. Susan: I haven’t been working as much as I planned to want to since ‘Phase 1’. My initial goal was to put the cd out this year. But as it turnes out I will have to work a bit more to get it done. The hardest part is to find time for the different sessions to take place. I have made recordings with a couple of the featured guests so far but I have a few more to do. Hopefully I will be able to record two or maybe three different settings before the holidays. I’ll try to post my progress a bit more frequent from now on! Stay tuned!

    1. Hi! Well, I have just finished a cd with Swedish children song in a new jazzy way. It has taken a lot of my time besides my day job as a music teacher and ICT-pedagogy!
      Now is the time to focus on the Solo CD!
      I have some songs in the pipeline and some songs to be recorded. I hope for a release this coming spring! Christmas holiday is soon here and I hope to get some hours in my studio finishing up a couple of songs and the focus on a few more before it’s mix/mastering/print/release time! There will most definitely be a CD that’s for sure :-))

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