Jazz: A little solo on a classic jazz tune!

I really like playin’ jazz on my UBass! This is a short solo on ”Ain’t Misbehavin'” by ”Fats” Waller. It’s recorded on my Korg Sound-on-sound recorder at a steady gig me and a couple of friends do at a water tower in Orebro, Sweden called ”Svampen” (The Mushroom :-)) This is from our 2011 gig. Besides me you can hear Daniel Bjornmo and Kent Larsson on guitar and Mats Nystrom on drums. Hope you’ll enjoy this! PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO CLIP WITH HEADPHONES OR REAL SPEAKERS! UBass doesn’t sound good on bad computer speakers!

Link to soundcloud (if you’re on a mobile device): http://soundcloud.com/gigbyte/ubass-solo-on-aint-misbehavin



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