Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 11 ”Irony” (Beady Belle cover) + UBass Lesson 3 | Song Lesson

New video! Read more about this video in my previous post.

The sheet music displayed in the video is transcribed from the original recording. Irony (Beady Belle) If you have a Spotify.com account click the link above. If not you can preview or buy the song on iTunes.

As you’ll probably hear I’m not true to the notated bass part ”as is”! I add and take away bits and pieces throughout the performance to make it more alive and ”my own”. I also try to listen closely to what guitarist, Clas Olofsson, does when he is dubbing the bass part. Trying to mimic his slurs here and there! Also pay attention to the great percussion part (Niclas Ekholm) and the marvelous hi-hat work of Micke Dahlen. But don’t forget the keyboards (Christer Christensson) and vocal part Eva Stenstrom) too, they’re also fantastic! Simply put: A great performance!
And keep in mind that we only met 7 hours prior to the show for only one rehearsal!

If you’re interested in a PDF with standard notation/TAB of the bass part for ”Irony” please write your name and email address below

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