Jammin’ with my Kala Ubass | 12 and Ubass Lesson 4 | Style/song-lesson 2 – The Stevie Wonder song ‘As’


OK. Time for a new UBass Song/Style Lesson! This time it’s the song I was transcribing a while back. Read about it in one of my previous posts.

The song is Stevie Wonders classic soul tune ‘As’ with a bass part by Nathan Watts. I transcribed the ‘album edit’ version and try to stay as close to te original part as possible. Please let me know if you want the sheet music ‘featured’ in the video. If you want me to ‘break down’ some part of the song, in an additional video, use the ‘form’ below or write a comment in this post!

Fill out this form and I’ll send you a link to the PDF

Good luck with this great bass part!



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