Jammin with my Kala UBass | 15 and UBass Lesson 6 | Song/Style Lesson: Reggae


Hi there!

Time for a new song lesson! Lets try some reggae bass. It seems like a perfect genre for the nice ‘subby’ low end you can get out of a UBass. To get the best possible sound you really need good amplification. Check out my previous post with some amplification tips.

I choose one of the many great songs by Mr. Reggae himself, Bob Marley, called ‘Three Little Birds’.
First I will play through the form; intro, A and B part; once. This is roughly the original bass part. Please check the original version in this clip. There are of cause numerous options you can take making this bass line more ‘you’ but it’s always good to start with the original part! As with any style (especially a new one – that you haven’t played before) one of the best ways to get to know it better is to…hope you guessed it…LISTEN to a lot of that style!
I’ll try to do some ‘ad lib’ variations on my second pass to give you some examples of my take on reggae bass playing bass!

In the second half of the video you can play to a ”minus one”-version!

Good luck with the the ‘Jamaica-vibe’!

Download PDF here!

Reggae Links
Here’s a good book on the different shades of Jamaican bass playing. You’ll get some insight to Rock Steady, Dancehall and Ska to name a few styles covered in the book.

Reggae Bass by Ed Friedland

Please feel free to add links to other books, reggae artists worth checkin’ out and other interesting reggae stuff in the comments!


2 reaktioner till “Jammin with my Kala UBass | 15 and UBass Lesson 6 | Song/Style Lesson: Reggae

  1. Brilliant as always! I really like the do-it-your-self part at the end, it’s a very easy and fun way to build confidence and skills. Keep it up!


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