Brazilian Chamber Music: Great new music by Tavares-Faria Duo…and even some UBass in the background…


Hi again!

This time I’d like to tell you about a great CD that will be released in March. There is no UBass on it but if you like good music played by good musicians you’re in for a treat!
When I’m not playing UBass (or any other bass or drums or…) I work part time at the Örebro University teaching sound engineering. I got the opportunity to record this wonderful music with the roots in some of the styles of Brazilian music, like choro, samba and bossa nova.
The musicians are both from Brazil and have played professionally for many years around the world. Please check out their web sites to find out more.

Gustavo Tavares, cello
Nelson Faria, guitar

Tavares-Faria Duo will release this CD soon and I will let you know where you can buy it as soon as its released!

Now the UBass link! When the recording sessions where all done I managed to record one song with them. I love Brazilian music and it was an honor to be able to sing the Jobim classic ‘Dindi’ with them. Nelson even wrote a cello part on the spot so Gustavo could join in on his cello!
When I got home I added a UBass part before I mixed the song and did the video below!

Here’s the ‘making of…’ video I did for the release of the Tavares-Faria Duo CD called ”Na Esquina De Mestre Mignone’.

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