Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 16 ‘Remix-mode’!

Fretless Rob Allen MB-2 and Fretless Kala UBass


Here’s some info on a remix I did recently. I used my UBass and Rob Allen basses and the ‘stems’ from Christopher Willis album ‘Tiger Flower Circle Sun’. Chris has been an inspiration for me in the ‘live-looping-genre’! So it was great to work with some of his sounds in this remix competition.
I downloaded all of the 12o something stems/loops/samples, choose the ones I liked best and imported them in Ableton Live.
Then I did a live remix choosing the loops (adding different effects) on the fly and recording UBass and my Rob Allen fretless on top with my SoftStep MIDI-Foot-Controller made by KeithMcMillen. After some tweaking I came up with this remix!

Willits Remix Session



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