[Question time!] Name your favorite bass licks/riffs, lines or grooves!


I’m trying to compile a NEW ‘best-of’ list of the best ‘bass-licks/riffs-lines-or-grooves’ of all time. ‘All-time’ could of cause mean different things but I don’t think you should limit yourself to just ‘bass-guitar’rock-stuff. Please consider upright bass as well. And I do want all genres/styles. The ‘lick/riff-line-or-groove’ could be punk, pop, country, rock, jazz, funk, soul, blues, classical…

Here are some links to other ‘greatest/best of’ lists to get you going (if you need help…).
– 150 greatest rock bass lines (YouTube-links) Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
– From a 2007 blog post about the best bass riffs according to Jon Sobel
– From Stylus magazine (2005)
– From nme.com Musics Mightiest Bass Lines. (2012)
– From blogs.riverfronttimes.com The Six Best Bass Lines Of All Times (2012)
– From musicradar.com The 25 Best Bass Lines Of All Times (2011)

These are just a few lists. Let’s make a new broad one! As I said above: All styles/genres are welcome, both UBass :-), electric bass and upright/acoustic bass and maybe even keyboard bass (!?)

Please make your suggestions in the comments, send me an email to: ubasslessons@gmail.com

or go to my Facebook page and write your favourites there!

I will try to put together a list based on YOUR answers, MY favourites and other lists I find interesting. Please help me out!


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