[Rehearsal Mode] Playing ‘Martha My Dear’…and other songs by the Beatles!


Just got back from a short lunch rehearsal. This Saturday I’ll play a concert featuring music by The Beatles at Orebro Concert Hall. There will be a big choir, guest artists and a band.

Today we rehearsed two of the songs; She’s Leaving Home and Martha My Dear. These will feature a small part of the ‘ensemble’; two acoustic guitars, vocals and acoustic UBass!

On She’s Leaving Home I’ll be singing in a small vocal group behind guest artist, Mats Norrefalk (guitars, vocals).

On the rest of the songs the band will also feature a keyboard player and a drummer.

Mats Norrefalk (also acoustic guitar)
Magdalena Eriksson
Krister Kallin (also choir director)
Magnus Sjöquist (on ”She’s Leaving Home”)

Fredrik Kjellgren, keyboards
Daniel Björnmo, guitars
Lasse Fhager, drums, percussion
Magnus Sjöquist, Kala UBasses and other basses

If your in the neighbourhood here’s some links:

Great fun! Stay tuned for more!


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