[Test Report] Trying Aquilas Thundergut on my fretless Kala UBass | Part 1

Using a tuner and some YouTube videos as help as I string up!


Today I finally got around to try out the Thunderguts by Aquila! I will do a more in-depth comparison between the original stock Pahoehoe strings and these new (for me anyway) white nylon-ish strings.

One thing I do find is that the feel of these strings are quite different. I have just only put the Thunderguts on and will wait a day or so to let the strings settle a bit more before I do any more testing.

Please stay ‘tuned’ for more as soon as I have tried them some more, doing test-recordings and so on!

Read more about these strings here:
Aquila’s website
UBass Appreciation Society (blog)
Talkbass forums

Below are some pictures from my stringing session:

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