[Song Teaser-Test Report] Trying Aquilas Thundergut on my fretless Kala UBass | Part 2


I decided to do some tests, to compare the ‘stock’ Pahoehoe black polyurethene strings with the Aquila Thundergut strings I’ve just put on my UBass. I started jammin’ [with the Pahoehoe stings on] to a loop featuring African percussion. After recording a couple of tracks I transcribed my jammin’ so I could record the same parts with the Thunderguts. I haven’t yet been able to do that recording (but will do as soon as possible!) so I’ll show you the written music first. If you want, why not try to play it before you hear it! It could be a great reading experience 🙂

If any of you are interested in lessons about how to read rhythms like these please let me know! ubasslessons@gmail.com

It’s four tracks of Ubass total. A regular bass part, two harmony parts and a melody. Besides that there are the percussion loops and a choir part. (I might add a drum set part too…)

The PDF of the music can be downloaded here.

Stay tuned for a video with the song played first with the black Pahoehoe strings and then the Thunderguts. I will also share some thoughts about how I feel the differences in their sound are!

So please stay tuned for ”Trying Aquilas Thundercut strings on my fretless Kala UBass” | Part 3 Here’s part 1. [Update: Link to Part 3!]


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