[Gig Report] Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 29 Playing a ‘jazzy’ country tune by Mr. Jerry Reed!



Time for some new music! Well, actually it’s not really new. The version you’ll see/hear on my YouTube Channel is new though 🙂

On Friday November 16 a new country duo: ”M&M’s Honky S***’ played their premiere gig! We played at a ‘one-night-only’ festival in Orebro, Sweden called ‘Kulturnatten 2012’. There were 100 bands playing 8 different venues. The shows was only about 15 minutes so I guess you could call it ‘showcase’-gigs. Anyway, we played a small and intimate coffee shop, Café Deed as the last band that evening. In the video featured here we had the pleasure of a special guest on snare drum, good friend Mats Nyström. Thanks Mats!

We decided to do a tribute to the great guitarist/actorJerry Reed. Read more about him here. Marcus Måttgård that plays guitar in the duo is a big fan and now I am too! Please check out some of Marcus guitar playing on his YouTube Channel!

If you are familiar with this blog I guess you’ve heard about the CD project I’m working on: ‘Speaking UBass!?’. I’m featuring different musicians and styles and play UBass on all of the tracks! (I might sneak in one or two other basses too…). This duo/trio will definitely be featured! Stay tuned for more info here.

5 reaktioner till “[Gig Report] Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 29 Playing a ‘jazzy’ country tune by Mr. Jerry Reed!

    1. Thanks Greg! I really enjoy playing with these guys and I love the music too!

      The place is really tiny. If you want another cup of coffee real bad you have to walk right in front of the stage to get to the counter. But doing this during a bass solo…that’s not really acceptable is it? 😉

      Greetings from ‘chilly’ Sweden!


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