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On April 27th I played at a trade show in Gothenburg, Sweden together with my friend Marcus Måttgård on guitar. Here are some previous posts about me and Marcus. Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3Post 4

We did a Ubass showcase for the Scandinavian distributer of, among others, Kala Brand and Martin Guitars, Akustikken, playing a couple of jazz tunes and songs from our Jerry Reed repertoire.

First up was a rendition of a song made famous by Duke Ellington, ‘Take the A-train’ (Billy Strayhorn).
Our version is based around a groove built from quite a few layers of loops, all done with my acoustic ubass spruce fretless 🙂 For ease and simplicity (and also artistically challenging limitations) I used a new loop pedal from TC Electronic called Ditto looper.

The Ditto has a very straight forward approach to looping. It has only one knob and one foot switch. But with different combinations of foot switch ‘pushings’ you can do quite a lot with this little pedal. (I will try to do a comparison between different looper tools I use in a future post!)

We also played my version of the Charles Mingus composition, Nostalgia at Times Square, that features lyrics I wrote quite a few years back. I will probably include a trio version on my upcoming Ubass CD!
It is also featured in Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 5

To round the set up we performed a few songs from the Jerry Reed songbook featuring the great guitar work of my friend Marcus Måttgård! Please check him out and spread the word to guitar playing and music loving friends!

This was the first trade show I played showcasing the UBass (besides a few quick jams at this years Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany). I really hope there will be more opportunities playing at these kind of shows to let people know about the beauty of a little portable bass with a huge sound 🙂

Take care y’all!

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