Visiting a very well-stocked bass store in London – Lots of Ubasses = happy Ubassist :-)

Lawrence Magnus and Tom 3
Laurence, Magnus and Tom – posing away 🙂


This time I’m blogging about my visit to London about two weeks ago. I attended a big conference about education and technology – BETT 2014. I managed to take a walk to one of my favorite streets in London, Denmark Street, for a quick visit to the music stores! [The street is sometimes called the British Tin Pan Alley].

The bass store, Wunjo’s Bass Centre, is at the moment the only ”bass only” store on Denmark Street. If I remember correctly there was another store called Bass Cellar back in the 90’s…

In the pic above you can see me with the staff at Wunjo’s, Laurence and Tom. They were truly helpful and nice! Thanks guys! Here in Sweden the music stores don’t carry more than (if you’re lucky ONE ubass) but at Wunjo’s Bass Centre I almost couldn’t count them all!

There was a lot of acoustic/electric models in stock. From fretted Rumblers to fretted and fretless spruce and mahogany Ubasses!

Please pay them a visit if you live in London or visiting just like I was!

Laurence and Tom told me that they sold about a Ubass a week. That’s really awesome. I really hope the selling rate will increase in Sweden too.

I’m planning a new series of articles here on Stay tuned for more info soon!
It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

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Have a great day!

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