Thank you Kala!


As I arrived back home from a trip to Stockholm last weekend I got some great news!

As you know, or will know now at least, I have been playing Ubass since the Summer of 2010.
I didn’t take long after I got my first Ubass, bought at Easy Music Center in Honolulu, Hawaii and imported to Sweden by my parents, until I really fell in love with that little bass with the big and warm sound. I have used it in different musical settings and the gigs I have made since then that hasn’t had at least one or two songs played on a Ubass are very few! The very first Jammin’ with my Kala Ubass was featured on the Easy Music Center we page back in August 2010!
The Ubass has become a big part of my sound and I really like to express my Music with these lovely instruments. Sometimes I guess my other basses might have felt a bit lonely 😉 I do love to play my regular electric basses and my upright too but Kala Ubasses is definitely a big part of my music now and in the future!

So what’s the fuss, what’s the big news you might wonder?

I am truly honored to be a part of the Ubassist community and now I’m also one of the artists on the wall at! Seeing my picture among all the great players there is really great!

I want to thank everyone at Kala for helping me, giving me new ways of expressing myself through Music!

I will continue to post news, tests, lessons, interviews and various tips and tricks!

All the best,


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