Ubass Cases: Different options for the acoustic/electric Ubass


If you want to get a new case for your acoustic/electric UBass there are a few options.
You can read about some of the options here at kalaukulele.com

Rectangular Diamond Black Hard Case for U-BASS (HCUB)
Tweed Rectangular Hard Case for U-BASS (HCT-UB)


Besides these very nice hard cases you can also use the case designed for the Baritone Ukulele!
You can find it here.

Ukulele Case Baritone (UC-B)

I’ve used one of these Baritone Cases for a while now and it works really well.
It’s super light and still quite sturdy. It’s not as sturdy as the hard cases above but still a good lightweight alternative. You can also use it as a back pack or side carry with the supplied straps.

Some more photos below!

Happy Ubass Summer to everyone!

Inside Case
Inside Case
Tuning pegs gets quite close to the side of the case so be careful when you put the ubass in the case!
Tuning pegs gets quite close to the side of the case so be careful when you put the ubass in the case!

6 reaktioner till “Ubass Cases: Different options for the acoustic/electric Ubass

  1. I bought what was supposed to be a semi-official lightweight case today, but didn’t even get it home before I discovered that it had the same fault as the official gig-bag – poor quality zip that bursts open spontaneously. I took it back to the shop, and they insisted on giving me a refund rather than the other case they had in stock, which suggests to me that I was not the first person to present this problem. Has anyone here found the same fault? The cases seem to be reasonably well made – are they just using duff zips?

    1. Is this the same baritone case as in my blog post?

      I have had no problems with the zips so far. But I do think you have to be extra careful and not in a hurry when using them. A more ”heavy duty” zip would be a great upgrade to the baritone case, I think.
      The gig bags for the solid body California Ubasses are great with a good zip solution.

  2. Excellent articles! I’ve been looking for a Case for My Hadean but it’s a total of 33″, 22-24″ Scale neck, so it’s slightly larger than a Kala (Liking it just a bit more than my spruce topped kala). Any Recommendations on a case? If not I’ll probably start building my own 😀

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