Playubass at Bass Summit 2020



The Become A Bassist Summit is an online conference for bass players who want to improve their skills and learn from some of the best bassists and teachers around.

I’m really excited to speak alongside all these great bassists/educators


We’ll be covering everything from

  • How to groove harder 
  • Building strong hands and stronger technique
  • Improvising confidently
  • Building up your creativity as a bassist
  • Even how to make a living as a bass player.

The best part though – it’s all free to watch.

You can get the full details and claim your free ticket on the registration page

The summit starts on August 10th and runs for 5 days, although my masterclass will be TOMORROW on August 10th and I’ll be teaching How to get started playing the U-bass 

I hope to see you at the Summit! It can’t wait – it’s going to be an amazing event!



2 reaktioner till “Playubass at Bass Summit 2020

  1. Just finished your session with The Summit. I really enjoyed listening to you and Luke. I always wanted to play a guitar yet I found that with my hearing I always broke a string whenever I tried to tune one and I just could never get my fingers to work for chords. When I retired a few years back, my son who plays guitar showed me his bass. Wow, only one finger at a time and double wow, somebody invented electric tuners!!!
    So I bought myself a Bass, started playing on my own and took some lessons. I found the Bass really heavy on my shoulders and not very portable. I was wondering whether I could continue and then last year I started to hear about the UBass.
    Well, I researched it, bought one and fell in love with it right off. It is so neat that you can play it without the amp if you just want to noodle quietly in the corner. And yet, it works really well with a bass amp when I gathered up the courage to jam a bit with my son and my brother-in-law the slamming piano player.

    I am hoping that technology catches up and make a more affordable, small weight amp, In the meantime I am having fun and will be going through the first of your lesson pack books this week.

    Thanks again.


    1. Hi Kevin,

      I’m glad you found my masterclass/talk enjoyable!
      So happy you have found a Instrumente that you enjoy playing!

      Amplifying the bass/ubass is somewhat problematic since the low frequencies needs more power/watt and also a speaker that can reproduce those low frequencies.
      It will be hard to tackle these obstacles in other ways than the ones available now but you should never say never! 🙂

      Although not super cheap the M7 combo by PJB is small yet powerful for its size. It will cost approximately $300

      Another option is the Boss Micro Cube Bass. It’s an older design so you will probably get a better sound with the PJB!

      A third option is the Fender Rumble series. The smallest has 25 watts. With 25 watts it will have trouble to compete with other instruments in a group setting so it’s mainly for alone practice.
      They also have bigger models like the 40 and more.

      Good luck with you my ubass playing!

      Greetings from Sweden,


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