Upcoming Releases of Original Music for Solid Body Ubasses composed by Magnus Sjöquist


This is an announcement for two upcoming releases of original music composed by me. The first release has been available on bandcamp.com awhile but will now be released on more major digital outlets.

First up is ”Tranquility”. This was composed, arranged and recorded back in 2018. The song features my good friend, principal solo bassoonist for the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Mikael Lindström. The arrangement is based around a chord progression played on a solid body ubass tuned EADGC. Besides the chord part both melody and solo parts are played on that same EADGC tuned ubass.

You can already hear the song on bandcamp.com, Spotify, Apple Music and other digital outlets. The Full video will be released this weekend, Saturday March 6! See Teaser video below!

Next up ”Reflections”. This song started out as a chord progression. The descending chords are played with a simple triplet rhythm throughout. Over this sequence of chords I started to improvise and captured a take. My initial goal was to pick and choose parts of this improvised recording into a crafted melody.
When I revisited the recording later my goal changed. I decided not to mess with it at all and keep it as is. Instead of picking out parts what you hear is that first improvised recorded play-through. Read more on a dedicated blog post when the song is released!

Release date: April 2 2021 on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital outlets


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