New polls! What type of UBass(es) do you play and where do you live?

M & M's Honky Tonk - country duo
M & M’s Honky Tonk – country duo

Hi there everyone – long time no see!

I’m still here 🙂 I’ve had a lot going on and haven’t been able to work on as much as I should 🙂
In the pic above you can see a new photo of the country duo – M&M’s Honky Tonk featuring my friend Marcus Måttgård on guitar! More about us in these posts | Post 1 | Post 2 We will play a short set at this weekends Pennybridge Tattoo Mess. Great fun!

Poll time!

I’m a bit curious of what kind of Ubass you play! Please choose up to 3 ubasses you DO PLAY! This is not meant as a wish list. I’ll save that for another future poll 🙂

More info about the complete Kala UBass line up here!

I would also like to know where you and your ubass(es) live! I’ve only included two countrys BUT it’s easy to write any country in the empty box!

A long overdue newsletter is on the way – you just have to wait a little while longer 🙂

Take care and don’t forget to cast your ‘vote’!


A quick Q for U: What strings do you use on your Ubass?



Time for a quick question – as a poll!

What kind of strings is on your Ubass today?
Black Pahoehoe (the original strings), Rumblers (grey), Aquila Thundergut (white), Pyramid’s…or something else? You can find all these strings on the Kala homepage. Here!

You can also see all the current Ubass models here!

Please cast your ‘vote’ 🙂