New polls! What type of UBass(es) do you play and where do you live?

M & M's Honky Tonk - country duo
M & M’s Honky Tonk – country duo

Hi there everyone – long time no see!

I’m still here 🙂 I’ve had a lot going on and haven’t been able to work on as much as I should 🙂
In the pic above you can see a new photo of the country duo – M&M’s Honky Tonk featuring my friend Marcus Måttgård on guitar! More about us in these posts | Post 1 | Post 2 We will play a short set at this weekends Pennybridge Tattoo Mess. Great fun!

Poll time!

I’m a bit curious of what kind of Ubass you play! Please choose up to 3 ubasses you DO PLAY! This is not meant as a wish list. I’ll save that for another future poll 🙂

More info about the complete Kala UBass line up here!

I would also like to know where you and your ubass(es) live! I’ve only included two countrys BUT it’s easy to write any country in the empty box!

A long overdue newsletter is on the way – you just have to wait a little while longer 🙂

Take care and don’t forget to cast your ‘vote’!



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