[Test Report]: Gigging with the Kala Ubass S.U.B

Hi there!

Right now I’m playing a Sunday gig at the annual Svampens Dag (The Day of the Mushroom!?) in Örebro, Sweden.
See this previous post from last year.

I just got back from a trade show in Gothenburg yesterday. It was the annual Fuzz Guitar Show, the biggest in Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian retailer of the Kala brand Akustikken.dk gave me a Kala Ubass S.U.B to review.

So I decided to ‘jump-right-in’ and bring it to today’s gig!

This UBass, with the sunburst finish, just arrived to the retailer and the strings are not yet ‘stabilized’ so I guess there will be a few turns on the tuning pegs 🙂

Stay tuned for an in depth review in Swedish (and English) soon!