Jammin’ with my Kala Ubass | 49 ”Tango pour Claude” Richard Galliano | Rehearsal [COVER]

Lasse, Tommy and Magnus
Lasse, Tommy and Magnus


Ok it’s time for my 49th video in the jamming’ series. This is a great one!

Last weekend I had a recording session at a friends house. The main focus was to overdub accordion and percussion to a track that will be featured on my first Ubass focused album. Pass: silverfish

On the link above there is a few song samples from the upcoming album AND also an old update to my upcoming interactive UBass Bass method! More about this later!

If you have followed me for a while you know that this project has been going on for a couple of years by now! When will it be ready you might ask!? Well, it has taken quite a while mostly because the focus is different constellations for the different songs. I have recordedNow I have finally decided on how to release the songs and I will send out a newsletter soon letting my newsletter subscribers in om my plan!

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In the upcoming newsletter I will also try to release a snippet from one or two songs!

Once we were done recording the overdubs we also did a few play-throughs of a tango the accordion player had suggested we play.

I hope to record more with these fantastic musicians and the song in this video might also end up on a future ubass album!

On this video you’ll hear the great Tommy Nilsson on accordion. He works as a free lance musician and a music teacher. He plays a accordion he bought just the day before.

Side note: The Rämjes accordion is imported by a music store that I used to visit while I was younger living in Trollhättan, quite a coincidence I think!

Playing wonderful percussion (cahon and finger shakers on the track) is Lasse Fhager. He is currently working as percussion player (mainly as a timpanist) in the world reknown Swedish Chamber Orchestra that is based in Orebro, Sweden. He also used to be my drum and percussion teacher while I studied at the Örebro University.

The track they overdubbed parts to will be mixed and hopefully included on my, above mentioned, first Ubass focused album and I can hardly wait letting you hear it!

The song in the video is written by french accordion player extraordinaire, Richard Galliano.

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…AND… video no. 50 in the jamming’ series is in the pipeline. It’s gonna be a game changer I can promise 🙂

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Esperanza! Solid body Ubass in a soul setting

Magnus, Josefin and Peter after the gig.
Magnus, Josefin and Peter after the gig


This is just a very short snippet from a rehearsal for a Summer concert I did with keyboardist Peter Burell and singer Josefin Larsson a couple of weeks ago.

We covered a lot of different music on that concert including a great song by Kala UBass Artist, Esperanza Spalding. The song is called Precious, from the 2008 CD ”Esperanza”. We did the song without drums so it’s really easy to hear the Ubass. The Bakithi Kumalo signature fretless solid body fits that song like hand in glove.

Esperanza is primarily a upright and fretless player so it felt natural to play the song on that Ubass.

Don’t know if she has played that song on a Ubass. If not she should! 🙂

Esperanza links

Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 32 The birth of The Guitar Men

Simon, Marcus and me
Simon, Marcus and me


This past weekend a new group was born, The Guitar Men.

I have written about Marcus Måttgård and my playing in the past. Please check out these earlier posts:
Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3. But Simon Stålspets is (I guess) a new name for the readers of this blog.

Simon and I went to the University of Orebro back in 1993 (!) After one year Simon moved back to Stockholm and finished his music studies there. (Majors in electric guitar and composition). Thanks to Facebook we started talking about the possibilities of playing together. 20 years later, since we first met, it’s finally a reality! You can read more about him here and here.

Marcus and I spent past weekend at his house playing music and having a super great time. The result is a new band The Guitar Men. If you have read about Marcus and my duo project you might guess where the title came from… Our duo, M&M’s Honky S*** are heavily influenced by 60’s country and in particular the music of Jerry Reed. One of his most famous songs is called The Guitar Man…

The Guitar Men will start rehearsing soon and have plans for upcoming gigs later in 2013!

Here is our first video recorded last weekend. It’s one of Marcus Måttgårds originals called MarQ’s Breakdown. Enjoy!

Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 28 ”Rehearsing a new song with Mattias and Hannes”


A while back I jammed/rehearsed with a dear old friend, guitarist Mattias Pettersson and drummer Hannes Nordgren. (You have heard Hannes before!) I wrote about this trio in an earlier post. I managed to record some audio (and video) that day. I hope we will play more again soon. In the mean time I’ll let you hear/see just a little bit from a song we worked on.

Bye for now!

Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 26 In my studio with musicians from São Tomé!



A while back I did a blog post about rehearsing with musicians from São Tome e Principe for a couple of outdoor shows. We did the shows in the end of August and after those I managed to invite Oswaldo, Guilherme and PA to my home studio for some jammin’.
The song featured in the YouTube-clip below (‘Mêcê’ (Desire) was one of the songs we played. The song is written by Oswaldo and Guilherme. The other song ‘Every day’ (Written by Guilherme) will hopefully end up on the upcoming Ubass CD! I’m overdubbing some parts and will start mixing that song soon!

Although the take of ‘Mêcê’ wasn’t perfect we sure had so much fun playing together and I hope this transcends through the computer screen!

A big thank you to Oswaldo, Guilherme and PA for those great musical moments in my studio that late August evening!

I have some video from the actual shows too. I’ll post this later. Stay tuned for more!

Guilherme de Carvalho, vocals and guitar
Oswaldo Santos, vocals and lead guitar
PA Larsson, djembe
Magnus Sjöquist, fretless kala ubass

[Rehearsal Mode] Playing music with musicians from Sao Tomé and Principe!


Next weekend (August 24-35) I will play a nice outdoor concert/show in a closed down mining park. (Konunga-Stollen)
In this special event there will be a mixture of spoken word, music and dance and a light show to showcase this beautiful place.
The music will be quite diverse with musicians from Sweden and, as you can see above, the African country Sao Tome and Principe, an island in the Atlantic Ocean outside the West African coast. The musicians, Guilherme de Carvalho and Oswaldo Santos are cultural ambassadeurs of the island and want to help spread the word about their country.

Watch a short documentary about the music and art of Guilherme and Oswaldo and Grupo Tempo) Click this link or the picture below!

I will also try to record some music with these musicians for my UBass CD project!

Playing music with musicians from different parts of the world is really great! I truly love the universal language of Music!

[Rehearsal Mode] Playing ‘Martha My Dear’…and other songs by the Beatles!


Just got back from a short lunch rehearsal. This Saturday I’ll play a concert featuring music by The Beatles at Orebro Concert Hall. There will be a big choir, guest artists and a band.

Today we rehearsed two of the songs; She’s Leaving Home and Martha My Dear. These will feature a small part of the ‘ensemble’; two acoustic guitars, vocals and acoustic UBass!

On She’s Leaving Home I’ll be singing in a small vocal group behind guest artist, Mats Norrefalk (guitars, vocals).

On the rest of the songs the band will also feature a keyboard player and a drummer.

Mats Norrefalk (also acoustic guitar)
Magdalena Eriksson
Krister Kallin (also choir director)
Magnus Sjöquist (on ”She’s Leaving Home”)

Fredrik Kjellgren, keyboards
Daniel Björnmo, guitars
Lasse Fhager, drums, percussion
Magnus Sjöquist, Kala UBasses and other basses

If your in the neighbourhood here’s some links:

Great fun! Stay tuned for more!