Playing classic Swedish pop on the Ubass!

Hi again!
I just got home from two great gigs. This weekend I’ve been playing concerts featuring music by Ted and Kenneth Gärdestad. Ted has been one of the most celebrared Swedish pop artists and has even been said to be the best Swedish artist of the 20th century!

These concerts features his music and we are lucky to have Kenneth Gärdestad (Teds brother and the lyricist of all the songs) telling their story between songs. The guitarist on most of the original recordings, Janne Schaffer (know for his work with ABBA), is also featured on these concerts. And the great Erik Linder sang lead vocals on some of the songs!

I decided to use my Kala UBass on a couple of the tunes. As usual it worked like a charm! I will do a style/song lesson of one or two of the songs from the concerts soon!

Joining me in the band is good friends Fredrik Kjellgren, piano/organ; Gunnar Hjorth, guitars; Oscar Eriksson, drums and me on Kala UBass, a fretless Rob Allen and my trusty old Ares 5-string bass.

This concept was the idea of more good friends; Magdalena Eriksson (featured singing lead on a couple of songs) and conductor of the choir Krister Kallin. (We studied at the Orebro University together!)

Stay tuned for the lessons!

Please check out the links below for more info on Ted, Kenneth, Janne and Erik!

Ted Gärdestad
Kenneth Gärdestad
Janne Schaffer
Erik Linder

Janne Schaffers red Larrivee guitar and my UBass!
Gunnar, Fredrik and Oscar - the band!
Janne Schaffer during his solo guitar spot!

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