Gig report: Playing with Meadows ever Bleeding!



Tonight I played a couple of songs on my UBass (and Rob Allen MB-2). This time I got to play with the amazingly talented Christoffer Wadensten and Anna Fogel! The group Meadows ever Bleeding has been featured before on this blog and that was actually the last time I played with the band…some 1,5 years ago…so it was great to play this music again. This time we only rehearsed for maybe 2 hours total so I really had to keep my ears and mind open to make it work!

We played on the release party for a new CD that features local bands from Orebro. The CD is really diverse with a lot of different musical styles!

As you might remember the very first video clip of me playing my brand new UBass (and the first video in my Jammin’ with my Kala UBass series) featured Christoffer. We will probably play some more as a duo in the near future! I’m totally looking forward to that!

Read more about Meadows…, Christoffer, and Anna in the links below!

Meadows ever Bleeding

Anna Fogel



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