A new song lesson is in the making…

I’m working on a new UBass song lesson! It’s a song that I’ve been playing a couple of times the last few years. Most recently it was a couple of weeks ago. You can read about it in my last post.

Probably one of the most recognizable songs by Kenneth and Ted Gärdestad. It was featured representing Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel 1979. This classic pop song has some really cool unison bass/guitar parts as well as a bubbly verse. One of the musicians on the original recordings was Janne Schaffer. He was responsible for making up these great riffs!
(Janne did get some inspiration from hanging at a studio in LA when some studio musicians were jammin’ on what would later be the ‘quite’ famous song ‘Hold the line’ by Toto… 🙂

Here’s a short clip from the concert that featured Janne Schaffer (guitar), Teds brother Kenneth (narration), pop singer Erik Linder and a big local amateur choir led by Krister Kallin and Magdalena Eriksson. Playing with me in the band was Fredrik Kjellgren, keyboards, Gunnar Hjorth, guitar and Oscar Eriksson, drums.

The lesson will be posted soon!


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