Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 20 ”Jon Andreas Visa” (Ode to Billy Joe)


Jammin’ video no. 20!

For the first time I’m playing a Kala S.U.B. solid body UBass! The video is from last Sunday’s annual gig at Svampen. (A water tower with a ”roof top” restaurant in Örebro, Sweden).

I will make more videos and a review/test about the solid body UBass version soon. Until then here is a song from the gig. It’s a song by Bobby Gentry called Ode to Billy Joe. There is also a version with Swedish lyrics called Jon Andreas Visa. Here is a link to a great version by my second cousin Rebecka Thörnqvist and pianist Anders Widmark.

More UBass S.U.B. videos, reviews and lessons soon!


3 reaktioner till “Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 20 ”Jon Andreas Visa” (Ode to Billy Joe)

  1. Amazing video, great playing! The S.U.B. seems to have a very full sound, very impressive.

    1. Thanks John!
      Played the SUB on a gig yesterday again. And it sure is great. Just a couple of more days until the string have settled and will stay in tune a little better :)) Stay in tune for more about the SUB here at playubass.com


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