Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 33 Footprints (W. Shorter ‘cover’)



Back in March I recorded some music at a friends house. This jam on the classic Wayne Shorter tune Footprints was some of the music that was captured. Hope you like it!

Daniel Björnmo, guitar and Mats Nyström, drums has been featured on this blog before. Please check these posts out if you want. Post 1 | Post 2

Wayne Shorter Documentary in the making!
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Hurry up there are only 11 days left (until 6.20.13) of this pledgemusic.com opportunity!

4 reaktioner till “Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 33 Footprints (W. Shorter ‘cover’)

  1. Great playing and a great sound on the UBass. I’m getting a very muddy bottom end on my black Kala solid UBass. It’s going through a BOSS enhancer and an EBS Studio 60 but it’s still very poor on the bottome end. I’m using the original strings. Would you recommend a change of strings?

    1. Hi Collin!

      I have only used the original black Pahoehoe on the SUB and California solid body’s. When I compared these two models the SUB has more bottom end because of the difference in the built in preamps. So the bottom end from your SUB should be more then enough! However amplifying the SUB requires an amp that can reproduce the low end. If the amp can’t handle those sub frequencies it can be good to roll of the lowest frequencies to get rid of mudiness!

      Solid body review

      String test

      Playing the Ubass in a PA gives me the most low end response and I prefer this, at least when I play jazzy music!

      This video is not yet official (will write a blog post about it soon)
      I made it to show the difference between using a regular amp and a Bose L1S PA system.


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