A great read (and listen) for the start of 2013!

Let’s go back to 1997 for a great article in Bass Player Magazine

Happy New 2013!

We’ll kick this year of with a 16 year old article in Bass Player back in 1997! Why, you might think? Well, it’s a really good one. The Bass Player Staff (in 1997) did a compilation of these 30 must have essential bass recordings! Of cause there have been quite a few new albums released since 1997 but these 30 is still a great start if you want to get some inspiration and a bit of a history check to kick of 2013!

You could of cause buy this Bass Player Issue on ebay but I made you a shortcut 🙂 I tried to find the article in the Bass Player vaults but couldn’t…But I did however copy that article back in 1997 (I have also subscribed since the very early stages of the magazine 😉 and recently I found that document! I did some edits. I put the different albums in chronological order and also added web links so you can read even more about these recordings and bass players! (The article is of © to Bass Player Magazine so don’t sell it, just spread it 🙂

To top it of I also put together a Spotify playlist. (There is only four of the albums that you can’t find on Spotify! You’ll have to find these elsewhere, or you might already have these in your collection!) It’s a 733 song playlist! So you DO have some music to go through 🙂 I think it is about 24 hours of music! Click here to find out more about Spotify if you don’t know what it is. It’s not availiable everywhere I’m afraid 😦

Link to the article – Download as PDF!

You can read more about influential bass lines in a previous post.

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