Some of the places where you can buy Ubasses if you live in Europe (and a few if you live in the US)

Magnus in the store
Magnus visiting a store in London


I did a quick search and found some online stores where you can buy Ubasses from! There are more options so please add links to more stores you have found or bought ubasses from in the comments!

I will try to do a page and then add the available stores to compile a list/resource for you guys!

Some stores and online stores that carries Ubasses in Europe

Many of the stores mentioned will ship worldwide. Just check the FAQ or put something in the ”basket” and do a checkout to see if your country is in the list!

These were found on 2.28.14

Thomann (Germany)

Bass Direct (UK)

Southern Ukulele Store (UK)

Bass Centre (UK)

Wunjo Guitars – Bass Centre (UK)
No online info on Ubass on website. Call or mail for info!
I visited this store when I was in London in January! See this blog post! (UK)

Jam (SE)

As I mentioned earlier please comment below if you know of more places you can find/buy Ubasses in Europe.

Some online stores in the US

Gollihur Music (US)

Musicians Friend (US)

Amazon (US)

6 reaktioner till “Some of the places where you can buy Ubasses if you live in Europe (and a few if you live in the US)

  1. I bought my U-Bass from Gig Gear and they were great to deal with. The site is I also use a Roland Bass Micro Cube that I bought from Gig Gear. It is battery operated and is great for using with our ukulele group.

    1. Great info Douglas! I’ll add this to the new page I’m working on regarding where to buy your Ubasses and related stuff! I’ll try to do some demos of different bass amps, preferably combos soon. The bass micro cube is definitely worth testing. I’ve heard more Ubassists using this amp with great results! Thanks again Douglas and happy Ubass playing to you!

  2. Magnus, we have some new distribution deals just getting going in Europe for 2014 and so people can expect to see more availability all over the continent. Thanks so much for sharing this info with your readers.

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