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  1. Greetings from the other side of Bottniska viken. I received a fretless solid mahogany Ubass xouple weeks ago. A lefty, one you cannot find from the Kala catalog. The Basscentre UK was kind enough to deliver one (got great service from their part).

    So far so good. Feels great, sounds great. Thinner strings do not yet keep their tuning long, but read from somewhere that it is normal. May need to restring them though, I suppose.

    Never played a fretless string instrument before, but my ear is learning fast to pick when I’m out-of-tune. I feel like I’m in the beginning of a great journey 🙂

    1. Hi Jarmo!
      Welcome to the world of Ubass!
      You’re right about the strings, it takes a while for the G and D strings to ”settle in”. Is it the original black (Pahoehoe) strings on our bass? They are the most stretchy ones. I have used the Aquila Thunderguts (white-ish) for quite some time now. I still use the black strings on my 5-string solid body Ubass. The feeling is a bit different. The Thunderguts have more tension and doesn’t feel that rubbery.
      The sound is about the same with a little more low end on the black ones and a little more ”top” end on the white ones. Sometimes it can be good to restring so you don’t end up with to much string on the string post! There are different ways to fasten the strings.
      I have stretched the G and D strings almost up to pitch. Then put a knot on the string to keep it from slipping.
      Let me know if you want me to upload pictures!

      It’s great that you found a place with good service in The Basscentre UK! In Sweden and Denmark there is a distributer, Akustikken. Don’t know if there is a distributer in Finland? Because I guess you live there 🙂

      I’m glad you got the fretless version and that you are optimistic about playing a fretless! I LOVE fretless basses and besides a fretless Ubass I have a Rob Allen Guitars MB-2 that is a absolutely amazing!

      Happy Easter!

  2. Yes, I’ve got the original black strings. The D and G strings were put many times over the string post, hence my thinking if I will need to restring them. I took a look at the Kala instructional video of restringing but any additional info is appreciated. So yes, if you have some photos regarding it, go ahead!

    There are no Finnish shops selling Ubasses and lefties are even more difficult to find. The Basscentre said they’ve got one mahogany fretless and I was wondering why there were none mentioned in the Kala catalog. Nevertheless, at least now I’ve got one 🙂

    I fell in love in the sound of fretless basses in the 80’s. I was listening a lot of Kate Bush music and many of her songs have great fretless bass lines. Since then those great instruments have had a special place in my heart.

    I bought my first bass (fretted) just about five years ago. This winter I was on a skiing trip and a guy in our companion had anukulele with him, playing it just about every time he had a chance. I felt ”why are there no similar instrument for bass players”. The acoustic basses are too big and clumsy to carry with you to different places. And you don’t play such on a sofa while watching tv with wife.

    When I heard about Ubasses I was sold. I can use it anywhere I want, take it to trips, play with my bands, and, the most important thing, play while watching tv with my wife 😉 So I decided to purchase one and go fretless.

    The Ubass doesn’t leave anyone cold, just about everyone loves it at first sight. Before my Ubass had arrived I showed people your great Youtube video of Take the A-Train. They liked it a lot and what happened? Now people I don’t even actually know well come asking ”Have you got it yet? When can I see your Ubass?”

    Such is the power of Ubass and your great Youtube videos.

    Happy Easter!


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