RMI Basswitch and acoustic/electric UBass – impedance settings!

RMI Basswitch including the impedance switch.
RMI Basswitch including the impedance switch.


Time for a new video. This time I’m exporing the difference between the 1MΩ and 10MΩ settings on my RMI Basswitch. Read more about the Basswitch here and here.

One of many great things with the Basswitch is the option to choose between two impedance settings on the first channel (INST A). My acoustic/electric UBass hasn’t got any onboard preamp so in order to get a great sound I need to use an outboard pre before plugging into a bass amp, PA, sound card or mixing console. I have tried a few and you can read about my thoughts here and here.

You will of course benefit from using the Basswitch even if you have an onboard pre but in that case you will probably get tge best sound using the 1MΩ setting. The quality of the components are super good and the built in DI is very good. Played a show this past weekend and the sound guy was very impressed with the sound from the DI and that’s not the first time.

More about how I use the RMI Basswitch in future posts.

Read more at the Ruppert Musical Instruments homepage.


3 reaktioner till “RMI Basswitch and acoustic/electric UBass – impedance settings!

  1. Hey Magnus,
    I just got myself a Basswitch due to yours and others reviews. I also have a ubass like yours (just the frettet version). Now, I wonder if you could tell, show, or demonstrate a little bit about your preferred tone settings? I am totally aware that this is both very subjective and depended on the rest of the amplification chain. Anyway, it could be that you have some general remarks about boosting or cutting at which frequencies – something useful for the ubass. Thank you for your ubass site – I enyou it a lot.

    1. Hi Morten!
      I’m glad you enjoy my site! I will try to do a post about different settings. Generally I do as little as possible with the tone controls. I always try to vary my sound mainly by changing the playing technique and where and how I pluck the strings.
      Still I will try to give some examples in a future blog post! Thanks for the up!
      Good luck with the Basswitch a really nice and good sounding piece of gear!


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