[Rehearsal Mode] Playing music with musicians from Sao Tomé and Principe!


Next weekend (August 24-35) I will play a nice outdoor concert/show in a closed down mining park. (Konunga-Stollen)
In this special event there will be a mixture of spoken word, music and dance and a light show to showcase this beautiful place.
The music will be quite diverse with musicians from Sweden and, as you can see above, the African country Sao Tome and Principe, an island in the Atlantic Ocean outside the West African coast. The musicians, Guilherme de Carvalho and Oswaldo Santos are cultural ambassadeurs of the island and want to help spread the word about their country.

Watch a short documentary about the music and art of Guilherme and Oswaldo and Grupo Tempo) Click this link or the picture below!

I will also try to record some music with these musicians for my UBass CD project!

Playing music with musicians from different parts of the world is really great! I truly love the universal language of Music!


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