First single out from my friend Mathias Lilja’s upcoming debut CD!

A trio of basses - all fretless :-) Rob Allen MB-2, my trusty spruce Kala UBass and "Roy" a Czech upright from ca 1950.
A trio of basses – all fretless 🙂 Rob Allen MB-2, my trusty spruce Kala UBass and ”Roy” a Czech upright from ca 1950.


I have had the good fortune to play with Mathias (composer, vocals and guitar) and Clas Ohlson (lap steel, steel guitar and guitar) a couple of times in the last few years. The music is really good and it’s sheer joy to play with such great guys as Mathias and Clas!

We did a trio gig before Christmas and it sure was fun! I got to play both Ubass, my Rob Allen MB-2 and upright!
It’s all worth it to drag around a lot of stuff when I get to play wonderful music with great musicians! I sang some backup vocals too which is always fun!

Mathias first solo CD is about to be released this spring. The first single has just been released and I urge you to go to, listen and BUY it now! You can give it a listen in the player below! Be prepared for some great music and lyrics by Mathias Lilja!

You can pre-order the Mathias Lilja CD here!

Hope I get to play with them soon again!

All the best,

First gig in 2014 – a super special new festival in Örebro, Sweden!

Playing Tom Waits "Way Down In The Hole" in a hotel room at Folk@Heart Festival 2014, Örebro, Sweden
Playing Tom Waits ”Way Down In The Hole” in a hotel room at Folk@Heart Festival 2014, Örebro, Sweden


This past weekend I played my first gig this year! The gig(s) were at a new music festival in Örebro, Sweden called Folk@Heart. Besides playing on one of four stages we also played in one of five hotel rooms on the first floor that was converted into mini stages! The feeling was really intimate and only about 8-10 people would fit in the room! Super great and special!

The band I played with is Eva Stenström Ltd. with Eva on vocals and Daniel Björnmo on guitar.

I brought my Kala‘s and my Rob Allen Guitars MB-2 fretless. A local newspaper did two short videos of us. I played my acoustic/electric fretless spruce Kala UBass on one of the tracks. Check it out on the link below!

Eva Stenström Ltd. playing a cover of the Tom Waits song ”Way Down In The Hole”
(It’s the 2nd video in the list to the right of the video player!)

This was a nice start of 2014 and I will most definitely play that festival again, and again!

Hope you all have a great start of this new year!

Review/Test Report: The RMI Basswitch IQ DI – my new preamp/EQ/DI/A-B switch…



UPDATE [5.14.18]
Link to impedance setting video!

I’m exited to share some info about my latest Ubass (and for any other bass) tool – The amazing Ruppert Musical Instruments (RMI) Basswitch!

I met Jacques Ruppert at this years Musikmesse in Frankfurt. (More about my visit there here). We talked about his take on a preamp/EQ/DI/booster/switcher – the Basswitch. I did know about it before we met, having read about it on various Internet sites, but meeting Jacques made me want to know more about the Basswitch. The rooster of player’s that use the Basswitch is really diverse and features players like Richard Bona, Marcus Miller and…

As it happens I met Mr. Ruppert’s business partner, Mr. Lehle – the maker of the great Lehle switch pedals, at another trade show and was able to try out a Basswitch on my gig (with M&M’s) at that show!

Now I have used it for almost two month’s and I really like it!

The first thing you will notice when you first pick up the Basswitch is that it is super rugged, no plastic and flimsy pedal here, that’s for sure! The construction feel really, really solid and all of the connectivity, switches and hardware is top notch!

The Basswitch really covers a lot of ground. It is a…

Preamp parametric EQ and A/B-switcher
It has two inputs. Input A has the ability to accomodate both low-impedance instruments (passive/active electric basses) and high-impedance instruments (like acoustic bass guitars with built in piezo, upright basses and of cause Kala Ubasses). Input B let’s you connect a second instrument. The A/B switch let you switch between two instruments on input A and B OR, if you only use input A, between two sounds.

Input A has a preamp and EQ and input B does not. You can use input A either at 1MΩ or 10MΩ. The later is especially good for acoustic instruments without preamps and with a piezo as the original acoustic Kala UBass. If you have a newer acoustic UBass (with built in preamp) it’s better to use the 1MΩ setting. Input B is not routed through ”unnecessarily…electronics (but) leaving it as pure and natural as possible. Channel B therefore has neither a preamp nor an EQ”. The preamp for input A has a boost/cut function that allows you to balance the sound of the two instruments. A very handy feature!

The EQ of input A has filters especially designed for bass. with filters for bass, semiparametric low‑
and high‑mids, and treble.

FX Looper and/or boost (clean boost)
The Basswitch has two FX loops for effect pedals. A passive serial loop and ”a switchable infinitely variable mixing loop, that enables you to go from a completely dry signal (100% original; 0% FX), via parallel (100% original; 100% FX) to FX‑only (100% FX; 0% original)”.

Typically you would use the serial loop for compressors and other dynamic effects and the parallel loop for time based effects as reverbs and delays.

If you need to send more signal to a drive/distortion pedal you can use the boost knob. If you haven’t connected anything to the mix loop it can be used as a clean boost. Could be used to add more volume to a basssolo or melody playing…

DI box
The Basswitch is also a DI (Direct Inject or Direct box).
”The high‑quality components and features of the Basswitch IQ DI (high‑end preamp, Lehle transformer, ground‑switch, pre/post signal‑processing switch, pad for output attenuation, rugged construction) make the Basswitch IQ DI an excellent D.I. box, be it in a live setting or in the studio”.

Xtra feature
The Basswitch can also be used as a line-mixer. Ex. connect a MPE/ipod/iPhone to the Return jack of the Mix loop and adjust the volume with the Mix knob. This makes for a perfect practice solution jammin’ with music or loops.

So how do I use it?
I have used it in a few different settings. And I guess your imagination is the only limit 🙂 These are a few of the situations so far:

• Standalone with a PA and monitor speakers or with a amp. With an amp you can use the ”B-channel” as the main channel, making your basic sound on the amp, and the ”A-channel” as a second sound utilizing the built in EQ of the Basswitch! If used with a power amp do the opposite and use the ”B-channel” as the main sound!

• On a pedalboard using both FX loops, A/B switch and DI.

• In my studio as a high quality recording device/splitter. Making it possible to record a clean signal and a miked cab signal.

For a more in depth explanation of the different settings on the Basswitch please go to this page.

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Links and resources for the Basswitch

Ruppert Musical Instruments

Videoreview by Ed Friedland

Review at

Gollihur Music

Facebook page

Spreading the word with M&M’S!



On April 27th I played at a trade show in Gothenburg, Sweden together with my friend Marcus Måttgård on guitar. Here are some previous posts about me and Marcus. Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3Post 4

We did a Ubass showcase for the Scandinavian distributer of, among others, Kala Brand and Martin Guitars, Akustikken, playing a couple of jazz tunes and songs from our Jerry Reed repertoire.

First up was a rendition of a song made famous by Duke Ellington, ‘Take the A-train’ (Billy Strayhorn).
Our version is based around a groove built from quite a few layers of loops, all done with my acoustic ubass spruce fretless 🙂 For ease and simplicity (and also artistically challenging limitations) I used a new loop pedal from TC Electronic called Ditto looper.

The Ditto has a very straight forward approach to looping. It has only one knob and one foot switch. But with different combinations of foot switch ‘pushings’ you can do quite a lot with this little pedal. (I will try to do a comparison between different looper tools I use in a future post!)

We also played my version of the Charles Mingus composition, Nostalgia at Times Square, that features lyrics I wrote quite a few years back. I will probably include a trio version on my upcoming Ubass CD!
It is also featured in Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 5

To round the set up we performed a few songs from the Jerry Reed songbook featuring the great guitar work of my friend Marcus Måttgård! Please check him out and spread the word to guitar playing and music loving friends!

This was the first trade show I played showcasing the UBass (besides a few quick jams at this years Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany). I really hope there will be more opportunities playing at these kind of shows to let people know about the beauty of a little portable bass with a huge sound 🙂

Take care y’all!

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[Gig Report] Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 30 ”Blue Suede Shoes”


Back in July I played a little ‘after golf’ gig at a local golf club. We played a couple of sets covering a lot of music in different styles. Here’s one of the songs. I’m using a sunburst Kala S.U.B. UBass. We recorded the show on a Mac with a sound card. Since we used a VDrum electronic drum set it was fairly easy to record the different instrument without using a lot of mics. (The picture quality is not that great but I hope the sound makes the clip watchable anyway 🙂

I think the SUB works really well in this setting. The sound is warm and quite punchy and blends well with the guitar, drums and vocals.

I will try to do a comparing test between the acoustic and solid body ubass in a later post!

[Gig Report] Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 29 Playing a ‘jazzy’ country tune by Mr. Jerry Reed!



Time for some new music! Well, actually it’s not really new. The version you’ll see/hear on my YouTube Channel is new though 🙂

On Friday November 16 a new country duo: ”M&M’s Honky S***’ played their premiere gig! We played at a ‘one-night-only’ festival in Orebro, Sweden called ‘Kulturnatten 2012’. There were 100 bands playing 8 different venues. The shows was only about 15 minutes so I guess you could call it ‘showcase’-gigs. Anyway, we played a small and intimate coffee shop, Café Deed as the last band that evening. In the video featured here we had the pleasure of a special guest on snare drum, good friend Mats Nyström. Thanks Mats!

We decided to do a tribute to the great guitarist/actorJerry Reed. Read more about him here. Marcus Måttgård that plays guitar in the duo is a big fan and now I am too! Please check out some of Marcus guitar playing on his YouTube Channel!

If you are familiar with this blog I guess you’ve heard about the CD project I’m working on: ‘Speaking UBass!?’. I’m featuring different musicians and styles and play UBass on all of the tracks! (I might sneak in one or two other basses too…). This duo/trio will definitely be featured! Stay tuned for more info here.

[Gig Report] Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 23 ”Surfboard”


On the Brazilian Night concert mentioned in an earlier post we played the Jobim classic ”Surfboard” (Jobim). Why not play along with us! You can hear the original version in a previous post. Let me know if you want a PDF with the bass part!

If you play-along please try to mimic the surdu drum by emphasizing the second quarter note of every bar and play the first quarter note ‘lightly’. (BTW the time signature is 2/4!). To get the best effect play the first quarter note really soft. In that way you don’t have to play the second quarter note that hard to make it ‘stand out’!

These blog posts also feature Brazilian music! post post post

Good Luck!