Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 25! ”Fly me to the moon” w. Frank Vignola Trio

Welcome to the 25th ”Jammin with my Kala UBass” video!

In April 2011 I got to play with the amazing guitarist Frank Vignola and his trio. I have shared one video from that day in a previous post. [Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 7]

This is the first song we played together. I had met the trio during a workshop at a Music University in Sweden just a few days before and they invited the musicians to come and play with them. I don’t live that far away so me and a friend went there…

During the intermisson we decided that we should play two songs together about 15 minutes into the second set!

So I got called to the stage to ‘sit in’ with them…Great fun 🙂

[Later that year I met Vinny in NYC and we had a great time going to Birdland and a to a jam session at a great little place in East Village called Mona’s! Thanks for that Vinny!]

I hope I’ll be able to play with them again soon!

[Style Study – UBass Lesson 8] Jazz: Walking Bass | Part 2


Finally part two is done! I decided to make my bass lines based on the backing tracks made by Jamey Aebersold. Please check these out they are really good and makes a perfect practice partner…almost as good as playing live with living breathing musicians in the same room…

If you haven’t already please check out part 1 before you continue! In the first part I try to give some background theory in the art of making/playing walking bass lines.

Time for part 2!
The tune starts of with a short intro followed by a vocal melody ‘chorus’ (the whole song form through once). The bass part is played exactly as on the Aebersold practice mp3/cd or vinyl!

During my vocal scat solo I play a improvised walking bass line. (Although not at the same time as you can see…Playing walking bass and singing a scat solo at the same time I’ll save for later 🙂

I will also write/compose a bass line based on a couple of different walking bass concepts that I will show you and analyze in part 3 of this walking bass style study. You can follow along in the ‘on-screen-sheet-music’ and/or in the PDF you can get if you’re interested. Just email me at ubasslessons@gmail.com and I’ll send you a link!

The same song form is played two times as follows:
1. As i described above (Three choruses in original tempo)
2.. As 1. but without the bass part.

In part 3 I will also analyze the bass parts in this part using a special version of the sheet music with written comments.
I will also do a slowed downed version that you can download and practice to if you want!

We will take a look at more jazz tunes in the future! I already have some suggestions but feel free to email me more at ubasslessons@gmail.com

Stay tuned! Now take out that Ubass (or any bass) and get started (or continue) to play some walking bass!

Good luck!


Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | ”Organ Jazz in Trollhattan”


I’m exited to announce some new jammin’ buddies! Recently I was back in my hometown to visit my parents and thanks to Facebook and a bit of luck I got to jam with two great musicians! I have known Mats [drums] for a long time. He was my first sound engineer teacher back in the late ’80s. Sven [organ] is a new friend that I met for the first time on the jam! I was lucky because everything was setup for recording direct to 2-track in the rehearsal room so I got our jams on ‘tape’ too! (And some of it on video…stay tuned for some ‘videosnippet’ soon…) We decided to play some more and I hope it won’t take long ‘til it’s time for some jammin’ again!

Sven has made a great ‘shell’ for his Key B Duo organ! It’s based on the exact measurements of his original Hammond B3 (that he has in his living room!). Check out these pics. It looks absolutely lovely!

You can have a listen to some of the music that came out that night right here:

Mats and Sven have played together for many years and have a project called Hammond Voyage Concept. Check out the links below!

Myspace  Facebook

If you like Hammond organ music please check out my 10th Jammin’ video too!

Sven Ericson, organ
Mats Berggren, drums
Magnus Sjoquist, kala ubass

[Style Study – UBass Lesson 8] Jazz: Walking Bass | Part 1


Ok time for some jazz again! Thanks to Susan C. for your suggestion!

In this lesson I will feature the jazz standard ”The way you look tonight” written by Jerome Kern. This song has been covered a thousand times by as many artists.

But I have a favorite version!

In 1995 one of the most famous jazz singers in Sweden, Svante Thuresson, released the CD ‘Jag är Hip, Baby!’. (Eng: I’m hip baby)
This album features the wonderful lyrics of another famous Swede Mr. Beppe Wolgers! Here’s a link to a web page about him [in Swedish]
He wrote all the Swedish lyrics including the ones for ‘The way you look tonight’. It became ‘Sången’. The lyrics is a celebration to Music and tells the story of the performer and the listener and that you need both to have the complete experience of Music! So true!!

If you use Spotify here’s a link to the version I mentioned above!

Here’s a YouTube clip of an audience recorded video from 2010. (Not the best sound or picture but still…)

Ok. Let’s get on with the lesson!

I’m gonna do one a couple of versions. One in medium-up tempo and maybe even one in uptempo.
And I will also do a slowed down version of the medium-up tempo.

Before we start let’s talk a little bit about what walking bass is and how you could think when you make your own bass parts!

First of all: To make your walking bass parts work you have to have a basic understanding on how chords are built. The general idea of walking is to navigate through the chords using quarter notes. Just as you would walk from one place to another using your feet! You could play the same note (the root, probably) over and over again but that would be just like standing on one spot just moving your feet up and down…and that wouldn’t take you very far 🙂 You could just play random quarter notes but after awhile this approach is going to get to ‘out there’ for most regular playing situations. (Just like walking around with no goal…(That can sometimes can be a good thing though…:-)

I think a more chord based approach is what you should work on. This will help you get a firm knowledge and act as a starting point. Then go from there using notes from the different scales that correspond to the different keys and chords in the song you choose to play.

There’s quite a lot going on harmonically in ‘The way you look tonight’ and if music theory is new to you maybe this will be a bit hard. But I’ll try my best to make this as understandable as possible! I will make more lessons based on easier songs if you want! Just send an email to ubasslessons@gmail.com and ask away!

Basic music theory
Let’s divide chords in three basic categories. Major, minor and dominant.
A chord is based on a so called triad. In C major it’s C E G. On a piano it’s three white keys with a white key in between. (This is not always true. It depends the chord and key!)
You can look at it like this: From C to E there’s 4 half steps (On a fretboard it looks like the picture below. I will explain this further in Part 2 of this lesson!). From E to G there is 3 half steps. Se picture below. In a C minor chord it’s the opposite way! From C to Eb (flat) there is 3 half steps and from Eb (flat) to G there is 4 half steps.
Ex. C Major: The notes that make up the triad/chord are called root (C), third (E) and fifth (G). (These names correspond to the C Major scale and refers to the scale degrees).

As you can see below, on the first 4 chords of the song, it’s also common to add a forth note to these chord. This is the seventh degree. In a major chord this will be the major 7 (ex. C7: C E G Bb (flat)) and in a minor chord this will be the minor 7 (ex. Cm7: C Eb (flat). A Dominant 7 chord has the minor 7. In C Major the Dominant 7 chord is G7, a fifth from C (G7: G B D F) More on chords and scales in this previous lesson.

C Major Triad (UBass – Bass Clef and TAB + Piano, Left Hand)
C Major Triad (Piano)
C Major Triad (UBass Fretboard) TIPS! You can play the G on the 5th fret of the D string too!
C Minor Triad (UBass – Bass Clef and TAB + Piano, Left Hand)
C Minor Triad (C Eb G) (Piano)
C Minor Triad (UBass Fretboard) TIPS! You can play the G on the 5th fret of the D string too!

Here are some basic chords in the Major, Minor and Dominant category
Cmaj7 (Sometimes you’ll see this as C ”triangle” 7, see the first chord of the song below!)



These are just a starting point. What dictates how the chord is built is often decided upon how the melody is written. You could look at it as the chords are made to fit a specific melody! Sometimes the melody comes first but there are of course times when you come up with a nice chord progression first and then make the melody. One way to make the chord fit the melody is to add ‘extension’ notes like the 9th, 11th and 13th degrees. These are not ‘new’ notes. They are the same as the ‘regular’ notes of the scale but one octave up!
Ex. C major: 1C 2D 3E 4F 5G 6A 7B 8C and then it start all over again 9D 10E 11F 12G 13A. Sometimes you make alterations to these ‘(ex)tensions’. You can raise or lower these extensions depending on the melody and the sound you strive for.

Some examples of these ‘extension’ chords

CØ9 (half diminished) or Cm9b5

So how does this help you when you want to play walking bass? Well if we look at the first 4 chords in our song we can see that there are both major and minor chords.


As a basis for our walking bass we’ll look at the core of the chords/triads which I mentioned above, the root, third and fifth of each chord. In the next lesson we will go through the chords and check out what notes that will fit the different chords and how to combine them to make a ‘musical’ and hopefully flowing bass line!

Stay tuned for Part 2, with the actual bass parts, coming soon!

Good luck and feel free to comment or send an email to ubasslesssons@gmail.com if you have any questions and I’ll try to help you out!

Jammin with my Kala UBass | 13 Playing jazz standards with Björnmo-Sjöquist Duo


Happy New Year! My first post in 2012!

This is from a jazz gig I had last year with Björnmo-Sjöquist Duo Daniel and I have been playing in different bands/groups and projects throughout the years and you’ve seen Daniel in a couple of ‘Jammin’ videos already. I think he is really great both as a player but also as a music teacher! We both work at the same ‘music college’ in Sweden.

Hopefully we’ll be able to record some music this year and maybe release some of it too so stay tuned! I’ll let you know when and where you can listen/hear/buy it!

You can watch another video from the same gig on my other blog here!

Transcription to Jammin’ with my UBass | 4



Back in Sweden again. Have been visiting India the past 3 weeks!
I got a request to do a transcription of one of my early Jammin’…videos.
It’s a jazzy blues improv. The drums is played by Morgan Ågren from the Toontrack Jazz EZX.

Since I only had my iPad with me on my travels I had to do the transcription on that.
I used a app called iWriteMusic with is quite good once you get a bit used to it. It doesn’t have the ability to make TABs so this first post is standard notation only.

Link to PDF (Standard Notation)

TIPS! Check out latest post for updated and corrected PDF with TAB!

I will also try to make the usual PDF with both standard notation and TAB. Normally I use the great notation software Sibelius. It has a great way of making TAB from standard notation. This is by far the best way to read music. Having standard notation and TAB is great. That way I can easily show you my suggested fingerings. Using only standard notation doesn’t do that.
BUT it can also be a good thing since you will have to make up your own fingerings that might be better for you and makes you think more about HOW you play!

So let’s see if you play it the same way I did or not. In this particular case you can of cause watch the video and figure out my fingerings anyway. But if it was audio only, it’s not that easy.

Sibelius also has a ‘little brother’ called Scorch. It’s playback only and FREE on mac and PC. If you have and iPad you can get the app here
If you find this to be a useful tool I can make my transcription available in this format too. That way you can play back the song at different speeds and even change key if you want to.

Drop me a line to ubasslessons@gmail.com if it’s something you want!

Good luck!

Play Music!

UBass Lesson 1 | Song Lesson 1 – part 1


I have thought about making some UBass lessons for a while.

So let’s kick it off with a pop song divided in a two part lesson.

The song that I will cover here is ”Moon Over Bourbon Street” by Sting.

Part One
First up is the sheet music/TAB and some links to get you started!
In part two I will do a short video explaining how I play it on my fretless UBass.

If you don’t have the fretless model or not a UBass at all…buy one NOW 🙂
…please do they are serious business and really fun to play…but before you get one why not practice the pass part on a standard bass or your upright…that way it’ll be easier to play it once you pick up your UBass :-)))

Suggested working order!

1. Download the PDF (to open/print you need a password – send an email to:
ubasslessons@gmail.com and I’ll send you one!)

Or use the form below!

2. Check out the original Sting version on YouTube

3. Listen/watch to my live version
Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 08

As you probably hear I wander away from the chart from time to time.
My intention was to play it ”as is” (This info is actually written out in some charts to make sure you play exactly as written) but in the spirit of the moment I improvised a bit around the chart to make it a bit more ”my own” AND I think it is a lot easier to make the music swing/groove if you put a little bit of YOU in the parts!

Stay tuned…part two will come soon!

Play Music!

Jämtländsk måne Foto: Magnus S.

Jazz: A little solo on a classic jazz tune!

I really like playin’ jazz on my UBass! This is a short solo on ”Ain’t Misbehavin'” by ”Fats” Waller. It’s recorded on my Korg Sound-on-sound recorder at a steady gig me and a couple of friends do at a water tower in Orebro, Sweden called ”Svampen” (The Mushroom :-)) This is from our 2011 gig. Besides me you can hear Daniel Bjornmo and Kent Larsson on guitar and Mats Nystrom on drums. Hope you’ll enjoy this! PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO CLIP WITH HEADPHONES OR REAL SPEAKERS! UBass doesn’t sound good on bad computer speakers!

Link to soundcloud (if you’re on a mobile device): http://soundcloud.com/gigbyte/ubass-solo-on-aint-misbehavin