UBass Lesson 2 | Different music styles – lesson 1 – New Orleans Funk

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Let’s try out some ”New Orleans”-inspired funk on the UBass! You can read more about what inspired this groove lesson here.

I’ve listened to a lot of funk with roots in New Orleans. I think that the ”rubbery” groove, that’s all over this style, makes me feel so good when I listen and play this music. It’s that really ”feel-good-wibe” that’s so cool! One of the most famous bands in this style is The Funky Meters (or Just The Meters as their name was when the started in the late 60’s. I’ve also listened to groups like Soulive, Lettuce and Dumpstaphunk…to name a few!

OK. The song is based on a groove played by one of my favourite drummers Adam Deitch (read more about him and why I choose this groove here). Download PDF here!

I jammed quite a bit on the groove and decided to record one of the jams. After that I transcribed the bass part and started to add some guitar parts. Then I added a organ and a clavinet part. Finally I through in some vocals too! Hope you like it.

Stay tuned for more grooves (with other basses and other musicians on my other blog) based on the ”Deitch-groove”! Listen to this clip [@ 5:20] for more of Adam Deitch’s drumming on a Tama Starclassic Bubinga Drum Set!

Let me know if you want me to ”break down” some part of the bass parts to clarify how I play. I can make some new ”in-depth” movies if someone is interested!

Hopefully I’ll be able to go to New Orleans (for the first time) the next time I go to the US!

Now go ahead and play som funky music!


Buying a Kala UBass in Sweden or Denmark?


If you live in Sweden or Denmark and want to buy a Kala UBass please check out these alternatives:

Musikverkstan (Sweden)


Guitarshop.dk (Denmark)


I’ll post more links to other online or retail shops in more counties if anyone is interested!

Sting.com – Official Site and Official Fan Club for Sting – News > Sting.com 25 Years Countdown: 24 Days

Sting.com – Official Site and Official Fan Club for Sting – News > Sting.com 25 Years Countdown: 24 Days.

And why not learn one of the bass lines from that
first solo cd :-)) See previous posts!

UBass Lesson 1 | Song lesson 1 – part 2


OK here’s part 2 of my first UBass song lesson. It’s about learning to play the Sting classic ”Moon Over Bourbon Street” on a UBass (or any bass really). Please check out part 1 here (if you haven’t already) before you continue…

In the video below I do a version based on the original studio form. I recorded my own vocals ”on-top-of” a midi-file imported i Apple Logic. Then I played the transcription I did for a gig with Andreas Gustafsson and friends this summer.

Good Luck working on the tune!


Tips on buying a Kala UBass!

Fretless Kala U-bass with spruce top


Some thoughts about the UBass that may help you decide what version to try/buy!

I’m doing this post as a response to a couple of emails I got!
Thanks Stefan and Aron!

About the difference between the fretted and fretless UBass:

I haven’t played the fretted version more than once in a music store. So my experience with that bass is very limited. Since I’m used to play the fretless bass I opted for the fretless because I wanted to come as close as possible to the sound and feel of the upright bass. The construction of the UBass and the string material (solid polyurethane) is the biggest part of it’s sound and the ”tone-sculpturing” is very limited. It’s a fast attack and not that much of a ”mwah” (that’s more easily achieved on a regular electric fretless and an upright bass) so having frets is more of a” feel thing”. Of cause doing long ”glissandos” (slides) will benefit from a fretless board. Using a fretted will obviously render more fret noise.

In conclusion I would say that choosing version is more about what you’re used to play (fretless, fretted or upright) and the feeling you’re after sound vise. BUT as I said I haven’t played the fretted version much at all…yet 🙂

I have (as you’ve probably seen!?) the spruce version. The fretted UBass I tried was with the mahogany top. And if I remembered right the all mahogany version sounds a little bit darker and woodier…But deciding what the sound color is of the different models is really up to everyone to explore and make up by themselves!
One final thing and it’s quite important as well. Since the scale is 20 inch compared to 34-35 on a electric bass and about 42 on a upright you RELLY have to adept to the substantially shorter scale. At first it feels strange and really, really tiny. But after awhile it’s quite comfortably and the benefits (the biggest of them size – not having to lug a heavy bass or a big space consuming upright) is rewarding!

…And watching people go from…haha that’s not gonna work to…that tiny thing really sounds huge…You know you play a great instrument and not some toy store junk!

Hope this will help you a bit on deciding what version to buy!

For more info please check out:
Kala Ukulele

Play Music!

UBass Lesson 1 | Song Lesson 1 – part 1


I have thought about making some UBass lessons for a while.

So let’s kick it off with a pop song divided in a two part lesson.

The song that I will cover here is ”Moon Over Bourbon Street” by Sting.

Part One
First up is the sheet music/TAB and some links to get you started!
In part two I will do a short video explaining how I play it on my fretless UBass.

If you don’t have the fretless model or not a UBass at all…buy one NOW 🙂
…please do they are serious business and really fun to play…but before you get one why not practice the pass part on a standard bass or your upright…that way it’ll be easier to play it once you pick up your UBass :-)))

Suggested working order!

1. Download the PDF (to open/print you need a password – send an email to:
ubasslessons@gmail.com and I’ll send you one!)

Or use the form below!

2. Check out the original Sting version on YouTube

3. Listen/watch to my live version
Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 08

As you probably hear I wander away from the chart from time to time.
My intention was to play it ”as is” (This info is actually written out in some charts to make sure you play exactly as written) but in the spirit of the moment I improvised a bit around the chart to make it a bit more ”my own” AND I think it is a lot easier to make the music swing/groove if you put a little bit of YOU in the parts!

Stay tuned…part two will come soon!

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Jämtländsk måne Foto: Magnus S.

Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 08

Phonobel, Fillinge, Sweden http://www.phonobel.se/

Hi! Once again a little video with my UBass. This time in the wonderful company of Andreas Gustafsson on vocals and Bror Engström on keyboard! It’s from a liveshow we did in July. As well as playing the bass part I ”wrestle” with a ”foot-controlled” tambourine that kind of has a life of it’s own, wanting to wander of the stage… Top that with a really mysterious ”music-stand-light” that flickers away like crazy as Andreas sings: ”trapped in this life”…spooky…;-) Thanks to the staff at Phonobel for a lovely evening! Great, keep up the good work!

The Stage at Phonobel
The June 7 bass setup

Tech Stuff

Instruments: Kala UBass (Fretless Spruce), Rob Allen MB-2 Walnut Fretless, Ares 5-string fretted

Effects: VT Bass Deluxe Preamp, Morley Volume/Wah, Boss DD-3, Boss OC-2, EBS DynaComp, FuelTank power supply

Amp: GK Combo (not used this night. I went straight from my VT Deluxe to a BOSE L1 system

Jämtländsk måne Foto: Magnus S.

Jazz: A little solo on a classic jazz tune!

I really like playin’ jazz on my UBass! This is a short solo on ”Ain’t Misbehavin'” by ”Fats” Waller. It’s recorded on my Korg Sound-on-sound recorder at a steady gig me and a couple of friends do at a water tower in Orebro, Sweden called ”Svampen” (The Mushroom :-)) This is from our 2011 gig. Besides me you can hear Daniel Bjornmo and Kent Larsson on guitar and Mats Nystrom on drums. Hope you’ll enjoy this! PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO CLIP WITH HEADPHONES OR REAL SPEAKERS! UBass doesn’t sound good on bad computer speakers!

Link to soundcloud (if you’re on a mobile device): http://soundcloud.com/gigbyte/ubass-solo-on-aint-misbehavin



Meeting Dennis, Bob…and Vince @ The Station Inn, Nashville

I got to met a couple of really fantastic musicians on my trip to Nashville. One of the highlights was when I went to The Station Inn Monday on June 20 2011.

The fabulous western swing band ”The Time Jumpers” played this night. They play every Monday. It sure was one of my best concert experiences! Their musicianship and listening skills was ”top-top-notch”! I was lucky. This Monday one of my country music heroes, Vince Gill was one of the musicians. He sings and plays in the band when he’s not on tour.

If you ever get the chance to go to Nashville don’t miss out on one of their shows! Words can’t describe the sheer joy you felt from the stage and the audience.


In the intermission I was able to meet Vince Gill. See pic below!

I also got to talk to the bass player, Dennis Crouch. He’s an amazing upright bass player that has played many different styles. He played on the Robert Plant, Alison Krauss project, ”Raising Sand”, just to name one of many projects.

I had my Ubass with me, didnt want to keep in in the car during the show, and showed it to Dennis. He had seen them before. All of a sudden he gets all exited.

–”Look! There’s Bob Moore!” I’ve got to pay homage to him!, Dennis said. Then I met THE country bass player! He has played on a lot of classic country hits! He has done about 17.000 sessions! One of he’s basses are on display at ”The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum” in downtown Nashville and he got inducted in the Nashville Musicians Hall of Fame in 2007!

He was recently featured in the August (2011) issue of Bass Player Magazine. In all the excitement I wasn’t able to get my picture taken with me and Bob. BUT I got him to write his autograph on my UBass! I also got Mr Crouch to sign the bass. Two true country music (and beyond) heavy weights! WOW what a night it was!

Read more about Mr. Moore here: Bob Moore

I also got to meet some truly wonderful people in the audience.

Thanks for a fabulous night at The Station Inn!

Dennis Crouch and me @ The Station Inn, Nashville on June 20, 2011

Vince Gill and me @ The Station Inn, Nashville on June 20, 2011