The first jam!

My good friend (and co-worker at a music high school in Sweden) Christoffer Wadensten [ ] and I did the first jam! Another friend (and co-worker), Marcus Måttgård [ ] filmed it using my iPhone 4! The UBass sounds really great. And it’s recorded with just the built-in iPhone 4 mic!!!

How I got my first Kala UBass!

After reading a review of the Kala Ubass in the August ’10 issue of Bass Player I realized my parents visited Hawaii that very moment. Hm…ukuleles is kind of big in Hawaii I thought 😉

I found out there was a music shop in Honolulu just two blocks from were my parents stayed. and they had Kala ukuleles!

I got in touch with the store and got my parents to pick one up for me!