Kala UBass Jam 7 – Playing with the Frank Vignola Trio ”C-Jam Blues” | 110416

Video number 7 in my ”Jammin’ with my Kala UBass” series. This time I’m jammin’ on ”C-Blues Jam” with the great Frank Vignola Trio @ Galleri Astley in Uttersberg, Sweden on April 16 2011.
For you ”perfect pitch” guys/girls out there – it’s in B flat ;-)) 
Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. I really hope I’ll be able to play with these guys again soon!



Kala UBass Jam 6 – Playing the bossa classic ”Black Orpheus” | 110126


Once again I get great help from my friends (and co-workers): Daniel Björnmo, guitar and Mats Nyström, drums.

This is our version of the bossa-nova classic ”Black Orpheus”.
I think Daniels solo is really beautiful! Enjoy!!!

Speaking of bossa nova. Please check out my good friend Nelson Faria @ http://www.nelsonfaria.com/music/

Thanks for ”featuring” my blog @ http://ubassappreciation.wordpress.com/

I just found a link to this blog @ http://ubassappreciation.wordpress.com/
Thanks for finding me and writing about my blog. I really appreciate it!
And it’s truly a bonus to be ”alongside” Mr. Bakithi Kumalo :)))


Links to the news/blog section @ Easy Music Store, Honolulu, Hawaii – part 1 & 2

I mentioned in my first post that my bass was bought at a Hawaiian Music Store. Here’s two link’s to the news/blog section of their website featuring me and my Kala UBass.




Kala UBass Jam 5 – Playin’ ”Nostalgia in Times Square” @ Örebro Jazz & Blues Club | 101116

This is my version of the Charles Mingus classic ”Nostalgia in Times Square”. Quite a few years back I wrote some lyrics for the song. This is the second time it’s performed! For my solo I’m doing some vocal scat along with my Kala UBass.
I get really good help from my friends and co-workers at a High School (with a music program) in Örebro
Eva Stenström – vocals, Daniel Björnmo, guitar and Mats Nyström, drums.

This night we play as a support act for Sinne Eeg Quartet (se previous post).

Kala Ubass jam 4 – Ubass goes jazz blues!

Inspired by a great concert the other night [Sinne Eeg Quartet @ Orebro Jazz Club] I decided to do a quick jam when I got back home! (I played in the ”opening act” with Eva Stenstrom Band. I might upload some clips from that concert here soon since it also featured my Ubass!)

So here’s a few choruses of jazz blues for ya!

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With Meadows ever Bleeding | Live @ heart festival 2010

My good friend Christoffer is featured once again (He’s also in Jam no. 1)
This time it’s ”Meadows Ever Bleeding” from a festival in Orebro, Sweden. The song is taped by the local TV-station NA-TV and featured on their Web-TV. In the video you can also see Stefan Larson on guitar and vocals.
(If you wonder why we do the ”Paul and John – vocal harmony thing” it’s because the Coffee Shop [Café Deed] where we played didn’t have enought channels for a third vocal mic this night 🙂

Playin’ my ubass for children @ the city Library, Orebro, Sweden!

I have a project with a couple of friends. It’s called ”Barnjazz – jazz för barn” (and it’s jazz for children not jazz on a barn 😉 We play famous swedish children songs in ”jazzier” versions!

The clip below is from one of our shows. It’s two songs ”Bonka bonka” by the group Electric Banana Band and ”Kalles klätterträd” by Jojje Wadenius. Both songs feature the UBass!

Åsa Bergfalk, vocals
Daniel Björnmo, guitars
Stefan Kahl, drums
Magnus Sjöquist, UBass